Fernando Redondo, the average fine stylist

Fernando Redondo, the average fine stylist

Fernando Redondo will be remembered as one of the best defensive midfielders in the years 90. Practical game, touch, and quality, without neglecting defensive duties, They made him one of the greatest leaders of the post for future generations. And is that Redondo, He never said no to leave the controlled Ball. The ball was always in your best ally to build the game around.

The beginnings of Redondo began in his native Argentina, Juniors in the Argentine, equipment with which would make debut in 1985 and where he would be up 1990. In the Argentine club, the “The prince” He would play a total of 75 games he would make clear his class. maybe, the only black point Redondo was the subject of a goal, and rarely she found post (one goal with Argentino Juniors).


That same year 90, an administrative error Argentine club was leaving Fernando Redondo, as a free agent, Jorge Valdano took what to bring to Tenerife and make his debut in the Spanish league. With Valdano on the bench, Redondo achieve classify Tenerife for the UEFA Cup and draw attention to the great teams of the moment. Their good work in the Canary team, I was going to be worth Jorge Valdano to take him to Real Madrid in the season 94. That summer, precisely, Fernando Redondo was to play his only World, the USA 94.

Redondo was the World USA and then spent a long time without being international.
Redondo was the World USA and then spent a long time without being international. PHOTO: AS

With the Madrid team, Argentine midfielder would find its zenith. The Santiago Bernabeu soon became excited about the personality and ability of Redondo and became a reference. In the white team, achieve win among other titles, two league titles and two Champions. Especially memorable was going to be his party in the quarterfinals of Europe's top competition in the 2000, against Manchester United. At, Redondo was going to make one of the most famous living memory heels.


did not also things were going with your selection, where problems with Daniel Passarella (He is forcing players to cut their hair, Redondo thing did not accept) you blocked access to the national team.

Courting Year Champions 2000 mark a change of cycle for Redondo, which it would be transferred to Milan, equipment in which would remain until 2004, year of withdrawal. In the club “Red-black”, Argentine not have the desired continuity by injuries, who accompanied him during his last period.


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