Tenerife the years 90 It was the bete noire of Real Madrid

Tenerife the years 90 It was the bete noire of Real Madrid

Hanging travels to the 90s on this occasion to visit the Canary Islands, Tenerife to remind the beginning of that decade canary One team, who became famous in half the world by snatching two seasons the League to Real Madrid.Despite being founded in 1912, the history of Tenerife in the First Division is relatively small however, in that short time, the box chicharrero has managed to leave unforgettable images for all football fans.

The golden age of Tenerife we can say that begins with the arrival of Jorge Valdano the bench this season 91-92. The team, in relegation, It is caught by the TANDEM Valdano-Cappa with eight games to finish the championship. The duo does not disappoint and manage to save the tinerfeño together with a day in advance. Day where the team would occupy all the front pages of sports dailies to deprive the Real Madrid to win the league.

Real Madrid lost two league titles in Tenerife. Photo: Brand

The following season (92-93) It would be the most successful CD Tenerife in its history. With Jorge Valdano and consolidated on the bench, Argentina would have an excellent template that would allow him to finish fifth and for the first time in his life in UEFA positions. Chemo del Solar players, Fernando Redondo, Chano, Conte, Ezequiel Castillo, Pier, Quique Estebaranz, Dertycia or Pizzi great evenings of football led to a hobby that for the second year saw Madrid losing the league on the final day to fall 2-0.

This new victory to Real Madrid ended up hemanar club to Tenerife with Barcelona (the great beneficiary), to the extent that the Catalan club to Tenerife invited to the summer Joan Gamper trophy, where the Islanders defeated the Dream Team of Johan Cruyff by 1-3 in the end. further, the fans could enjoy the presence of Diego Maradona at the stadium wearing the colors of Sevilla CF.

The last year of Jorge Valdano would come marked by two major achievements. Despite curdle a season rather than discrete League (where the team finished tenth), Copa del Rey in Tenerife reached the semifinals, where only Celta could stop it. In the path, back into quarterfinals, Real Madrid fall to Tenerife's hands by a strong 0-3 in the second leg with a goal by Carlos Aguilera and two of Diego Latorre.

Redondo and Maradona during the Tenerife-season Sevilla 92-93.
Redondo and Maradona during the Tenerife-season Sevilla 92-93. Photo: As.com

Meanwhile, in the debut in Europe, the team would reach the third round of the UEFA Cup after eliminating French Auxerre and Greek Olympiakos. Juventus only be able to eliminate the tinerfeños after overcome a 2-1 Adverse brought the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez.

Valdano to bring a transition period of one year to the club with the arrival of Vicente Cantatore. But nevertheless, the entrance of German coach Jupp Heyneckes the following year would bring joy to the island. The football team practiced rapid and daring that ended the set again qualified for the UEFA and Juan Antonio Pizzi, the front Facu, top scorer in the league with 31 shared goals and Golden Boot with Alan Shearer.

Juan Antonio Pizzi was the scorer of Tenerife.
Juan Antonio Pizzi was the scorer of Tenerife.

The following year Heyneckes on the bench would come marked by the spectacular road team in UEFA Cup, where he managed to reach the semifinals after apear to Maccabi Tel Aviv, to Lazio ( with a 5-3 in the Heliodoro), Feyenord and the quarterfinals of the Danish Brondy. But nevertheless, Schalke 04 German would be the executioner of chicharrero team in the semifinal in a ranked tie that would not be decided until extra time of the second leg in Germany.That would be the last big game of Tenerife from there began a period marked by continuous promotions and demotions.

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