Manolo Escobar died, a man will be linked with football

Manolo Escobar ha fallecido, se va un hombre vinculado con el fútbol

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Manolo Escobar has died 82 years. Colon cancer ended the life of one of the great. A giant couplet, the Spanish song in the day with the famous “Porompompero”, o “My car” He was able to sell more than 80 discos, 24 of them gold, although sales had matched him 40.  And is that just your album “And live Spain” He got to be the best selling album in the history of music in Spain from 1973 until 1992. A great, a myth of music that once married a German (Anita Marx with whom he has been married for more than 50 years until his death) with which not even understand. A large able to put up any auditorium or theater.

Rosell le entregó al almeriense la insignia de oro y brillantes del Barcelona.
Rosell gave the almeriense the gold badge and bright Barcelona.

Because besides music, Manolo Escobar also was an actor. A total of 19 movies led him (The guerrillas, My song is for you, A kiss on the port, Father Manolo, But… What country we live?, almost PR, Judgment skirts, Somewhere in the Manga, You owe me a dead, Among loves, You made me lose my mind, When children come from Marseille, Eva, What does that man in your bed?, The woman is good business, Préstemela tonight, Where there pattern, Alejandra, my love, Where will my child? and Everything is possible in Granada) to the big screen, always in the company of other classic films of the era as Concha Velasco or brothers Ozores.

She called him the big screen, but also small in which he participated in a television program, Goals are Amores, de Telecinco, in the year 1992. In it, summed up the highlights of the day through a funny tone. It was a time where chains were betting on sports programs include in their faces like José Luis Garci or Alfredo Landa (Star signings Study Stage). And a time, also where Manolo Escobar He showed his passion for football.

Fan del FC Barcelona (Club received the gold badge and twice as bright was stolen in 2011), It was one of the great entertainers Celebration World Cup 2010, celebration where after singing the famous “Long live Spain”, even it became blanketed by the players of the Red.

And in the other world, for sure, your joy will remain in everyone's memory for a long time.

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