Osasuna's goal that saved a life

Osasuna's goal that saved a life
Osasuna's goal that saved a life. PHOTO: Diario de Navarra

Fran Gago is a journalist and narrator of football that was reborn a few weeks ago. And he did, thanks to a goal by Osasuna. A football story fortunately had a happy ending thanks precisely to the goal he scored Kike Barja, the Navarre team player, Osasuna this season Cordoba. And the story of that goal prevented the protagonist of this story stamped his car into a cliff.

Gago was at the wheel of his car by an Andalusian road when he fell asleep at the wheel. There were no games this week for the first commitment of the team against England but was listening to the carousel parties while returning home. Tiredness took its toll and he fell into the arms of Morpheus he could have ended his life if it will not be because the goal of Barja, narrated by Alberto Sanz 'Game time' of the chainCope he awoke suddenly.

His car began to leave the road, addressing a precipice. The loud cry of a goal Osasuna made him wake up just in time. “I, as I regularly, afternoon put in the car Game Time. Santi Duque was running the program that day. Osasuna was playing Cordoba. The hard drive was me and I fell asleep. Suddenly, I listen 'Goal' and I wake up. I see I'm off the road and go way off a cliff. Just it gives me time to turn the wheel and embed the car into a tree”, He told the protagonist himself to Cope.

Luckily he escaped unhurt and somewhat bruised but surely you will remember all his life for his goal Kike Barja to Córdoba and the narrator, Alberto Sanz who with his narration of both saving unknowingly ended at that time, a life. And they say that football is just a game.


Alberto Llopis

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