small towns, Elite teams

small towns, Elite teams
The renovated La Cerámica stadium stands out in a town like Villarreal. PHOTO: @VillarrealCF

What small towns with elite teams you know? Football is a sport that reaches anywhere in the world. Anywhere in the globe, you can find someone hitting a ball. Children, adolescents and adults, practice and live in greater or lesser degree the passion of football. Thanks to that, the existence of large equipment to large cities is not limited. Then in Colgados, we speak of the elite teams in small towns.

Small cities with elite teams: Eibar, Girona, Huesca and Villarreal in Spain

In Spain, the four largest cities in the country ; Madrid city (3), Barcelona (2), Valencia (2) and Sevilla (2) by order, welcome 9 elite professional teams. However, other locations that do not reach the 100.000 people like Eibar, Girona, Huesca and Villarreal, have elite teams, on this last case, even Europa League champions in 2021. Specific, the club Castellon, is a fixed line in European competition with a population of about 51.000 population, their stadium, accommodates 25.000, half its population.

Eibar debut in First Division 2014. With scarcely 30.000 population, the small Basque team completed a tremendous machada moving up two years of Second B to First. Even so, set gunsmith, It has always been a classic Second Division where he has played many seasons. The small stadium of Ipurua apart from very cute after the latest renovations, It is a field where any team must sweat blood to get the points. Huesca and Girona with less than 100.000 population, also they enjoy the elite team.


Another classic of the Second with several seasons in First could be the Numancia de Soria. With a population of about 40.000 population, He gave the mash at the end of the 90 in the Copa del Rey against Barcelona and shortly after with two promotions to the First Division. The same thing happened with the disappeared Extremadura from Almendralejo that with 35.000 inhabitants rose twice to the top flight.

First Extremadura was in a couple of seasons.
First Extremadura was in a couple of seasons. PHOTO: Brand

Small populations of less than 100.000 people with elite teams in Europe

The Heereveen fight in the Dutch Eredivisie. With a beautiful stadium 26.100 viewers, the group dressed in white and blue, plays in a small town 26.000 viewers. They would have to go all the inhabitants thereof to fill the stadium. the Lens, of France 37.000 population. Monaco, is a cockerel in Europe with history in the Champions League despite having less than 38.000 inhabitants in the small principality , backed that if, a good economic background.

in Bulgaria, the Ludogorets has gone from playing in an amateur category to the Champions League in a very few years. all, in a village surrounded by a forest of barely 32.000 population. In Italy, and Sassuolo, He managed to stay in his first season in Serie A. The computer belongs to a small town 41.000 population. Motherwell in Scotland found. The city round 77.000 population. Also on that side of the islands are the Inverness whose population is close to 72.000.

In Germany the Bundesliga Hoffenheim amounted to a few seasons ago. Their stadium practically new, opened in 2009, It has a capacity of 30.000 viewers while the total population of the town of Sinsheim where it is located barely reaches 35.600 population. In Portugal we have the case of Estoril located in a town of a few 24.000 population.

DEU Football Hoffenheim Stadium
Spectacular view Hoffenheim Stadium.
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