Ten things you should know Atletico Madrid and probably do not know

Diez cosas que deberías de saber del Atlético de Madrid y probablemente no sepas

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Atletico Madrid is one of the great ocean liners of Spanish football. Last League champion and finalist of Champions, Atletico are behind him one of the most important stories of the entire European football. As tribute, ten great things that go over many football fans will not know:

1- Atletico Madrid was founded one 26 April 1903 by a group of supporters of Athletic Bilbao who belonged to the Special School of Mining Engineers of Madrid. More than a club, It was a branch in the capital of Spain's Bilbao club and even they could not fight each other to be considered the same set.

2- Faithful to a peculiar way of being, His first game was against themselves. Initially, the branch made up 24 personas, they were those who played such an encounter, called by the club treasurer. As you see it was not a usual 11 contra 11.

3- Atletico Madrid has won all possible club competitions he has played, including the Intercontinental Cup 1974. ten leagues, 10 Cups, 1 Recopa or two UEFA punctuate a track record where just missing the Champions.

4- Atletico Madrid has four fields in its history: the Retiro (1903-1913), O´Donell (1913-1923), Metropolitan (1923-1966) and Vicente Calderon. In 2016, It will join the list the Estadio La Peineta, that with the capacity to 70.000 viewers will be your property and the largest to date. By the way, I must say that Calderon passes below a highway.

Por debajo del Calderón pasan coches.
Calderon below the cars pass.

5- For two years (1939-1941), Atletico was merged with the Club Atlético Aviación and shared name. However, in 1947, at the request of the Air Ministry it adopted its current name.

6- Adelard Rodriguez is the player who more titles has gotten from Atletico with 10. It is the player who more seasons has been in the club (18) and most games (553) has disputed. Luis Aragones with 173 goals is the leading scorer.

7- Radamel Falcao with 40 million is the most expensive signing. Griezmann followed with 30. The umpire is Sergio Aguero with 23 millions of euros. In recent years, Atletico striker has had great, Fernando Torres Say, Diego Forlan, Diego Costa or those already mentioned Agüero and Falcao.

8- The name of the mattress has a very ancient origin: mattresses that were used in the early stages of the twentieth century were made of pinstripe shirt as Atletico, hence the nickname. However, until 1911 the picture of the Manzanares played in blue and white, as the current Hercules.

Posiblemente la jugada más conocida del Atlético. Final Copa de Europa 1974. Gol de falta de Aragonés ante el Bayern.
Possibly the best known play Atletico. European Cup Final 1974. Aragonés's free kick against Bayern.

9- Abel Resino managed to be 1275 minutes unbeaten in 1991. It is the team record and the League. 14 days was without conceding a goal until Luis Enrique scuppered the record.

10- Despite being a multidisciplinary club (He has reached the ACB team and win several handball leagues), football and its fans are the greatest treasure. He considers his hobby as one of the best in the world and through it, They have made announcements and advertising campaigns that went around the world.

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