The Chilean team achieves its first victory of the year

The Chilean team achieves its first victory of the year

The Chilean team has been performing lower than expected for some time. Everyone remembers the best years of the so-called "La Roja" where the scoring character and solid defense achieving epic victories. The best sports web pages as you can see in pages where you can see betting tips and follow the tournaments and matches of the Chilean team, a place to enjoy football and the excitement of betting.

The new victory of the Chilean team against Paraguay has given coach Berizzo a boost of oxygen. The Argentine coach has been experiencing a very difficult time with a lot of pressure on his team's results and game. Taking command of the Chilean team is a great responsibility and performance is measured day by day. Everyone was waiting for the match against Paraguay, a very complicated team that always gives a lot of problems in matches.

Despite having been a friendly match, The Monumental dressed up to see their team and be able to live a victory that was highly desired by all. As we have already mentioned, the Chile Selection defeated Paraguay by 3-2, an even and solid match that showed that the Chilean team has redirected its competitiveness and sporting improvement, what has made the fans begin to trust the team again. Paraguay showed a very dangerous game and on several occasions put the good goalkeeper Claudio Bravo in trouble. But the Chilean team managed to respond with very dangerous attacks.

Con el paso del tiempo, Chile won a prize for their effort scoring above with a goal by Paulo Díaz bringing delirium to the stands. But things were not easy with him. 1-0 everything seemed to turn upside down. But Paraguay not only managed to tie the game but was also able to take the lead 1-2. It was time to suffer and come back, the Chilean team pressed and put a lot of pressure on them, managing to lock up the Paraguayan team. The match was tied thanks to Alexis, with tie 2-2 the game became very harsh with notable expulsions. With tension on the surface and the meeting expiring, the Chilean team managed to score the third goal bringing joy to all the followers of "La Roja".

With everything, the Chilean team achieved its first victory of the year, a game that has left very important and positive conclusions about the team's performance. On the one hand, the selector Berizzo, thanks to this result, the pressure and discomfort with Berizzo has decreased significantly. The coach comes out very reinforced. The team's game has been much more courageous and attacking than seen on other occasions. The defensive solidity and grit have also been qualities that have been liked a lot in this match.

The future of the Chilean team seems to be looking more positive, raising expectations for qualifying for the next World Cup.

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