The European teams with the most followers on social media

The European teams with the most followers on social media
Real Madrid is the team in Europe with the most followers. PHOTO:

Which soccer team has the most followers on Instagram, facebook or twitter? which are the European teams with the most followers on social media?

If there is something relevant among the less relevant things in life, that's football. The beautiful sport has millions of followers around the world. Even beyond the pitches, the ball continues to roll on social networks and digital platforms, achieving exorbitant numbers that we could not ignore. So today, We review which are the teams with the most “followers” ​​in Europe.

The teams in Europe with the most followers and interactions on social networks

Real Madrid

In addition to being the team with the most European titles (21), Real Madrid is also the most followed team on the continent on social networks. The white team counts, at present, con más de 329 millions of followers: more of 110 Follow the club on Facebook, 135 and Instagram, 47,1 a Twitter, more of 9,6 a Youtube, otros 27,6 in Tik Tok and more of 365.000 on the recent Twitch platform.

FC Barcelona

Spanish clubs lead the ranking. And it is that the second in the classification is none other than FC Barcelona. Those of Xavi Hernández have around 307 millions of followers on their networks: more of 100 follow them via Facebook, 119 and Instagram, more of 46,7 a Twitter, 14,9 a Youtube, 26,8 on Tik Tok and almost 100.000 on Twitch.

It should be noted that these numbers are obtained solely from the count of followers of the first team on the different platforms. Given that, to greater than these, we should also add the followers of the women's team, youth football, the Foundation... as well as the channels in different languages ​​of the club (8 in the case of Barcelona's Twitter). A total figure that would reach 400 millions of followers on networks.

Manchester United

If we had to decide on a benchmark in football at a European level, that would be for many Manchester United. What leads the "Red Devils" to be in the Top 3 of influencer clubs with more than 201 millions of followers online: 75 belong to facebook, 61,5 a Instagram, more of 35,4 millions to Twitter, 7,55 a Youtube y 21,8 the Tik Tok.


The girlfriend of Italy, Europe and the virtual world. touching the 130 million followers, Juve remains in fourth place among the most followed teams collecting on Facebook 45, and Instagram 57,5, on Twitter more than 809.000, a Youtube 3,9, at Tik Tok 22,5 and on Twitch 86.282.


Chelsea is the second English team with the most followers and the one in charge of sealing this list with more than 127 millions of followers on social networks: more of 47 on Facebook, 39,1 and Instagram, more of 24 a Twitter, 4,22 on Youtube and 13 at Tik Tok.

Cristina Martinez

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