The mythical ‘Duo Sacapuntos’

El mítico ‘Dúo Sacapuntos’
El 'Dúo Sacapuntos' hizo historia en el Racing. PHOTO: Twitter

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Although they are not going through their best moment now, he Racing de Santander it was during the 20th century and the first part of the 21st century, one of the historical teams of Primera. Precisely during that period, the first decade of this century, Cantabrian fans were able to enjoy the call ‘Point Sharpener Duo‘.

Who were the 'Duo Sacapuntos'?

Pedro Munitis and Nikola Zigic They were two fundamental players in the success of Racing de Santander. Both acquired this nickname in similarity to the famous ‘Pencil Sharpener Duo‘. That well-known couple of comedians from the years 80 that made up one very short and the other taller and thinner. He 1,65 of the Fortified and the 2,02 by Zigic together with the chemistry that both had on the field and that ends with goals and points for Racing, made both of them end up with this peculiar nickname. Both players formed a lethal duo in the team's attack.

Pedro Munitis, idol in Racing

Fortified, born in Santander, is one of The best players in the history of Racing Santander. During his career, He played in several Spanish teams such as Badajoz, Real Madrid and Deportivo de la Coruña, but it is at Racing where he established himself as a player and where he developed his best football. Munitis is remembered for his technical ability, his speed and his ability to score important goals.

It was not in vain 12 seasons at Racing, in different stages yes, and it also arose from the Cantabrian team's quarry. Juice 340 matches with those of Sardinero where he gave 41 assists and scored 40 goals. He was also international with the Spanish team.

Dúo Sacapuntos
Pedro Munitis in a match with Racing Santander. PHOTO:

Nikola Zigic, the serbian tower

with his more than 2 meters high, his imposing physique and his ability in the passing game, Zigic he became a decisive player in Racing de Santander. In his two seasons in Santander before being transferred to Valencia, frame 25 goals in 52 matches and went with the other component of the ‘Point Sharpener Duo‘ Key piece for the classification for the UEFA of the Cantabrians.

Together, Munitis and Zigic they formed a lethal attacking pair that scared the opposing defenses. His understanding on the field and his ability to generate danger in the rival area were fundamental in the success of Racing de Santander in the seasons 2007-08 y 2008-09 in which they coincided in the field. The racinguista fans will always fondly remember the ‘Duo Puntos‘.

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