Santander Racing, the example that justice does not exist in football

El Racing de Santander, el ejemplo que la justicia tampoco existe en el fútbol

Last update 29 July, 2014 por Alberto Llopis

The image of the Racing Santander players planted in the field and refusing to play against Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey tie that faced them in late January 2014 He went around the world. A group of players, that they changed the sporting opportunity of their career due to the refusal of their management to pay them their back wages for many months in addition to the null responses and solutions received to their situation. A fact, that aroused the admiration of the world in general, especially for the number of people who unfortunately are in this country in a similar situation and do not have the opportunity to hit the table as the players of the Cantabrian club did.

Thanks to this, it did not take long to produce a reaction and the club completely changed its board of directors. But this fact, cost the club an economic sanction and exclusion for a year from the Copa del Rey. The club by the way, promoted to the end of the season in the Second Division after spending only one season in the bronze division of Spanish football. The entire issue of the sanction by the RFEF could be understood if it were not for the different measuring sticks according to the name of those involved. As everybody knows, in the year 2000, Barcelona refused to play against Atlético de Madrid.

El Barça se negó a jugar la Copa en el 2000 y no pasó nada.
Barça refused to play the Cup in 2000 y no pasó nada.

The players took the field, planted and retired. The alleged reason, lack of enough players to play the game due to a plague of injuries and illnesses. The sanction received by the culé club was none and the following year they played the Cup in a normal way. Por cierto, the managers of the RFEF were the same in both cases, 2000 y 2014.

The second injustice comes now. The club, must face a significant debt with the Treasury that can cause them to even disappear in August and they could not play in the Second Division. It is clear, that before the Treasury we are all equal and we have to pay the debts but that is the theory. We are tired of seeing how powerful people do what they want without any sanction while the poor cannot be wrong in any coma.

The same thing happens in football, but if the Treasury refuses to negotiate the payment of the debt with Racing, just as it would do with a normal citizen, should do the same with the big clubs that are winning titles and signing players for hundreds of millions of euros. We will not give names but the cases are known to the general public. For them, just like for powerful people, the bar is free. This is Spain.

El Racing podría no jugar en Segunda e incluso desaparecer.
Racing could not play in Second and even disappear.

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