Mexican soccer: cosmetic football

Mexican soccer: cosmetic football

In one of the worst moments of his national team in recent years, with the qualification to the next World pinned with alfileres-, with a real "dance franchise", with a new (millionaire) League sponsor, with a record denizens, with statements from players or former players who question the seriousness and honesty of Home Soccer, He has started a tournament in Mexico.

The home crowd, during 2 years, between 2011 Y 2012, He lived a real "honeymoon" with its nationals in different categories, with achievements that included a U-17 world title and a gold medal in Games representative Olympics-, see with sadness and disappointment and failures are going one to one spinning, and they have increased with the recent deletions in the Confederations Cup and Gold, they met with different expectations and campuses, but they made it clear that what was initially thought was a pothole, Today is quite a precipice.

The mexicanade soccer team won the gold medal of the London Olympics 2012
The mexicanade soccer team won the gold medal of the London Olympics 2012

And as level selection on Monday 29 July will be key to deciding the future of so-called Tricolor (there is talk of an imminent cessation of technical director Jose Manuel De la Torre), in the average home indifference and skepticism of the public towards the championship it grows every week. Although changes have been made willing to believe that there is a "new Mexican soccer", the reality is that they are purely cosmetic, makeup on the same system forever, and that there is no substantive change.

The new sponsorship of a Spanish bank, which will take the name of the tournament, By a sum of 100 million for 4 years, It is not the first step that has occurred in this country to believe an alleged "change of face". Already last year was called Liga MX and talked about a radical transformation in the structure, and in fact it was business as usual ... or worse.

The Spanish BBVA will sponsor the Mexican league
The Spanish BBVA will sponsor the Mexican league.

Aztec football continues to suffer from malignant tumors always:

  • In their eagerness to "copy and paste" ideas from other latitudes (even the bad and extravagant, not exactly the best), not only remains mediocre league, but two annual tournaments dispute! A) Yes, continues sponsoring and promoting twice mediania, because of 18 Teams can qualify 8 to exotic finals, some of which do barely touching the 50% productivity, and not a few of them throughout history have been champions with this performance range with just a little luck on the last leg of competition.
  • The transfer system, the so-called "draft", -from each year over 2 decades- awake most critical but remains as strong as the volcano Popocatepetl, It is rudimentary, as players and directives reach this day dealings "moored" in advance, in a ridiculous pantomime and no one deceives.
  • The so-called "gentleman's agreement", Mexica translation that could result in a "mafia agreement", is nothing more than an alliance that managers of local teams are transformed into a perfect Sicilians capos to block the careers of players or coaches "uncomfortable" system, by their attitudes or statements. A) Yes, a manager can (according to your mood) approve or block the pass his former player to another club, unabashedly.
  • Millionaires contracts and salaries charged in Mexico are derisory compared with the level of football practice that week after week. Surely ours is the highest paid football in the Americas, but that does not match the quality displayed on the courts.
  • Lack of respect for places, a "dance franchise" that has undermined the credibility of both the 1st, Division as Liga de Ascenso, and caused discomfort among affected interests. Although this happens every year, the current year 2013-2014 reached levels of Walt Disney: the team down legally (Querétaro), He solved the problem by buying a franchise (Chiapas) to stay in the top flight; ironically, which he ascended and he should have replaced (La Piedad), He did not use its right as owner, citing lack of financial support, He decided to sell the template to the highest bidder, and he moved to Veracruz, a historic square. And as Chiapas stayed for a few days without top-level football, He decided to recover by buying another franchise in economic crisis, the San Luis, and problem solved. Kafka would go crazy watching the Mexican soccer: the club does not descend descending and ascending does not rise ...
  • Timeshare equipment, FIFA supposedly prohibited by herself, is volcanic chump in Aztec lands; For years the company Televisa owned 3 1st franchises. Division (America, Necaxa and San Luis), and although now only retains the first one -the reigning champion.
  • There are other entrepreneurs that are seen in this category. TV Azteca did not want to stay behind and until recently had to Morelia and Jaguares de Chiapas in the main category and Toros Neza in the ascent division; Today has sold to 2 past and seems to stand aside in this category. But nevertheless, the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim Helu (whose fortune, fincada business mainly in the field of telephony, It is calculated 72 billion) He has decided to invest in football and owns rights in clubs like Pachuca, Leon and Estudiantes Tecos, dismissively credibility competition.
The American was recently proclaimed champion of the MX League after winning the final against Cruz Azul
The American was recently proclaimed champion of the MX League after winning the final against Cruz Azul.

Regardless of all this, there are other issues that cause itching among fans (especially among "purists"), Like the 14 foreign players from this July are officially registered as Mexicans get their nationalization (which it's, apart, opens the doors of the National Team) and allows to bring more foreign elements, many of them of dubious quality. Apart, recent statements by players who participated in home tournament would have put the controversy to a tournament you need that in the courts and not before the microphones, and question their seriousness.

Uruguayan Jorge "Jap" Rodríguez ("Volvés the locker room after losing a game and gives them the same, That's a little anger that gives you. If puteas, You fit them a punch or something, and offended, sos abroad, then there are things that you have to bancarte -aguantarte-. Economically it is perfect but in the sense of putting on a tough match, enter the locker room and see those faces of 'nothing matters', bothers you, one does not like to miss the ball. have it all, clothes, stadium, and the guys do the same, the truth sounds crazy but it's true. I agreed to come because I like -a Uruguay-, if he wanted to fuck -diversión- I stayed in Mexico ").

Mexican origin-of Uruguayan Nery Castillo (“in Mexico, free speech does not exist. Players are tied. Free, in my dictionary, I did not go to school, It means 'I'm where I want'; but that is not the case: if you are 'free', You just have to go to the computer to which you belonged, then there are free”).

Mexican Nery Castillo is the recent signing of Rayo Vallecano
Mexican Nery Castillo is the recent signing of Rayo Vallecano.

Former Mexican goalkeeper Omar "Gato" Ortiz, imprisoned for a year and a half accused of kidnapping and conspiracy, He said after he had tested positive for doping and suspended in Consequence ("I started using the oximetadona and allegedly knew was forbidden, but eventually I was going antidoping controls and thought that nothing would happen; pass 4, entrusted to me, and then came the game in Colombia and everything changed. My problem was that he believed that the Mexican Football Federation made the analysis correctly and when I touched the date of CONMEBOL positive. In Mexico the samples remain in the stadiums and never reach any laboratory "), revived issues in the national press, usually aligned to power, They touch "in passing" or even abscond, a perfect "ostrich syndrome", with which it is believed that burying your head in the ground no longer okay.

It is no secret gentrification and the Aztec football resultadista, and would recall the statement made long ago by another South American, Argentine César Gradito, on the same tenor: "In Argentina you lose and you burst out in Mexico crystals ... you lose and you go out giving autographs".

Cesar Welcome: "In Argentina you lose and you burst out in Mexico crystals ... you lose and you go out giving autographs"
César Welcome: "In Argentina you lose and you burst out in Mexico crystals ... you lose and you go out giving autographs".

The worst thing is that not a few thought the 25 million annually would pay the sponsoring bank for our league to be invested in the development of the basic forces of clubs; or improving facilities (courts, gyms, houses clubs); or foreign tours minor equipment categories (either club or Selection) for greater international exposure; or courses for coaches, auxiliary, trainers, doctors, kinesiólogos, psychologists and even masseuses, all important positions in the technical bodies of equipment; Or until, why not?, workshops and modules for managers, where lead strategic planning, sports psychology, football theory (many just know that playing with a ball ...), marketing, project evaluation and ethics ....

But this is football, as Mexican, we lived ...

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

voracious reader, passionate writer, and hungry follower good game of football at any latitude and time. Romantic heart and ball, proudly Mexican and hanged for football.
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