full circle

full circle
La Liga Española

While the beginning of the adventure of the Mexican national team in the World Cup Russia 2018 It is getting closer, in the midst of doubts, distrust and uncertainty, the local football is immersed not only in the irregularity and flat mediocrity, but in a series of decisions that undermine the strictest sense and competitive sport.

The 5 June 2012 It was announced with great fanfare the birth of Liga MX, and today, six years later, Its objectives have twisted: "Our mission is to be a professional league with a level of excellence in football, solid structures, with a growing interest and participation in the social development of the country ", he said that day Decio de Maria.

The head of the Liga MX added that other goals were to win more fans and make more interesting the national football, in addition to "proactively participate in the social development of our country and be more attractive to the amateur and the viewer who attend stadiums or watching the games on TV every week".

But good intentions, an administration after, They have been diluted and all those purposes were only for anecdotario. The only original purpose has been met is to "strengthen the economy of the clubs" ... at the cost of sacrificing competitiveness and local talent. In a few months, Mexican soccer in general underwent a series of decisions that will undoubtedly have an impact on the level and impact the show offered the amateur:

*Mayo 2016:  Owners Assembly (club owners) He gave the nod to the "08/10 Rule", which allows teams of the Liga MX register any number of foreign, with only one condition register 10 for a party, in exchange for eight national. The number of foreigners became of 201 in the Clausura tournament 2017, a record so far. This increases competition and undermines the process of Mexican footballers, who see reduced its stake in 1st. Division, because the opportunities are for foreigners, the 80% of which they are of questionable quality.

*December 2016: By "incompatible calendars", Mexican executives declined to participate in the most important tournament at club level in South America, Copa Libertadores, where you from 1998 were frequent guests, period in which Cruz Azul and Guadalajara "scratched" the title being runner-ups, and generally the group stage is exceeded and more than worthy performances were achieved.

Supposedly not go to the competition because, the dispute between February and October, it is connected with the closing and opening tournaments. So important for Mexican institutions and local players cabinet has already been despised for two consecutive years, although it is said that CONMEBOL has insisted to try to convince Enrique Bonilla, president of the Liga MX, Mexican clubs to return to participate. refusal, everything indicates that, It comes from the Aztecs managers.

*July 2017: If itself the decline in the Liga MX was far from perfect, It is now more complicated. As it approved on this date in the Assembly of Owners, the team remain last in the percentage table, could remain in 1st. Division provided they pay the "fee plaza" (120 millions of pesos) the club to rise but does not meet the requirements to reach the maximum circuit.

A) Yes, in this season finale 2017-18 She gave a huge incongruity, Kafkaesque worthy of our domestic football: the franchise that fell for his poor numbers (Lobos BUAP) you can follow in 1st. Division to pay approximately $ 5'830,800 agreed, Tapachula to Cafetaleros (a kind of monetary compensation in exchange for the sport stagnation), which deservedly crowned in the immediate category, Ascenso MX, and for not having the proper accreditation (capacity in their stadium, clubhouse, basic structure forces, among others) You can not split up.

Ironically, and even pathetic, It is that "Ascenso MX" is named to a category which technically is the 2nd. Division- where the winner will not necessarily rise. This category lives the problem that only six of 16 Teams can ascend, while the other 10 They are fighting only for the "prize" of the 120 millions of pesos.

Most paradoxical is that while the "League Silver" Mexican champion Tapachula have a stadium with a capacity of 11 thousand 18 people, nine thousand less than the established and this will influence not to be "certified to ascend", in Spain, Sociedad Deportiva Huesca if he will play in 1st. Division and face teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, in a building with a capacity: 5,800 viewers. Something right for a team that won a place sportingly.

*Mayo 2018: With the same argument used to not intervene in the Copa Libertadores, Mexican federative not fought to preserve their place in the Copa America guests (they attended from editing 1993, where they were runners-up), so for competition 2019 in Brazil, CONMEBOL chose to invite teams like Qatar and Japan instead of the Tricolor, who in that summer will be playing ... the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

It is obvious that cartloads of dollars that lets you to play FEMEXFUT the territory of E.U., where millions of countrymen who always fill the stadiums gringos even play against Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago live, It is more attractive to acquire international rubbing and experience to Argentina or Uruguay.

Ignorance about what losing the national football is so severe among managers, that Justino Compean, ex-president from 2006 to 2015 FEMEXFUT, He declared recently that "withdrawing from the continental tournament is good for the Liga MX ago (…) justification for what you leave is correct, Mexican League deserves absolute priority”, He said.

While it is true that the Copa America and Gold are spliced ​​in the summer of next year and to attend a tournament invitation is needed, It could be negotiated attendance at both events with respectable selections from Mexico, and not only plead that there must be an agreement between the confederations, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF. Whatever, no "good" can make the national football left out of international competitions.

But, Who makes such ridiculous and absurd decisions, They are going up against the logic and, especially, the spirit of competition that surrounds every sport?

Alejandro Irarragorri (Santos Laguna, recent champion of the Clausura 2018), Alvaro Davila (Monarcas Morelia), Jorge Alberto Hank (Xolos de Tijuana), Alejandro Rodriguez (Tigres UANL), Francisco Suinaga (Toluca) and Rodrigo Ares de Parga (Pumas UNAM), among others, They are those that make up the pompously called Sport Development Committee (whose task is to analyze viable projects to improve Mexican soccer), and it seems that, Unlike, and oversee the development and prioritize the sport.

The Committee does not decide: It analyzes and then exposed to owners 18 1st franchises. Division, what, the so-called Assembly of Owners, They are responsible to take the final criteria. What is certain is that so many bad decisions, They are privileging economically over the football, you will end up taking its toll on the Mexican soccer in the medium term, especially at National Team, since neither will these young talents sufficient nor will the international fogueo, so the circle of mediocrity continue closing, Regrettably.

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

voracious reader, passionate writer, and hungry follower good game of football at any latitude and time. Romantic heart and ball, proudly Mexican and hanged for football.
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