Are we witnessing the end of the cycle of the Spanish team?

Are we witnessing the end of the cycle of the Spanish team?

Are we facing an end to the cycle of the Red?. Spain is astonishing the world since 2008 with a style of play based on efficient possession of the ball, what i woreor the national team to become European champions twice in a row and the World Cup. It is currently a lackluster team, who bores the viewer with long possessions according, but soporific passes between the defense and the media.

What is popularly known as "Tiki-Taka", today it is beginning to be known as “Relaxing Tiki-Taka”, the Red has lost the joy in the game, but this is not new, it already happened in the Confederations Cup in June. In Mallorca I have only confirmed the few doubts that I had left, this team needs one or a few boosters, as is the patio.

Spain has not evolved its game as Barcelona has done with Tata Martino. We continue to maintain the hallmark that has made us champions but our football lacks depth. In the final of the Confederations, a young and tidy team like Brazil, it unsettled us, since then our game is pretty mediocre. The teams have us taken the measure, They close and wait for the counterattack, La Roja's game dies as the minutes go by. We have replaced the fast and happy touch with a boring and slow pass, it is as if we wanted to lose time during 90 minutes, ineffective control.

The arrival of new troops is, hoy, more than necessary. Diego Costa is the claw, the character and self-confidence, the great hope for Brazil. Michu no convention, He didn't get many balls either, especially long, taking into account that he is a player who stands out for his aerial game. But not only Costa would be a shock, players like Isco or Javi Martinez ask for a step.

Michu did not have his best debut.
Michu did not have his best debut.

The Spanish media cave is very confident. Brand, the most read sports newspaper emphasizes with a "step to the champion", a very optimistic headline. Although that optimism will become who has to be the starting goalkeeper, for example "the Manolos", “Punto y Pelota” or “Tiki-Taka” will dedicate part of their program to this issue. In the end I'm going to think that good old Iker is paying the bills of some journalists at the Asador Donostiarra in Madrid. Don't trust the usual media, they have been making us feel favorites in all international tournaments for more than two decades. Now many will sell smoke that smells of past rents. The "Casillistas" of today, They are the "Raulistas" of always.

pride kills us, Switzerland reminded us in time and we ended up lifting the World Cup in South Africa. I just hope they don't remind us, for example in the rooms of Brazil, those rounds that we liked so much in the past, then we would be eliminated. A debacle in the World Cup would hit the optimism of a nation in crisis that is tied to football, as Argentina was tied to the albiceleste in the 1978 in the dictatorship of Videla. More than one Spanish politician will need a "relaxing cup" if they eliminate us early, and it is that football tames the beasts, but the red, lately, can make them mad.

Xavi y Negredo anotaron los goles en un flojo partido de la "Roja".
Xavi and Negredo scored the goals in a loose party “Roja”.

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