The Spanish League in the XXI century: teams with more seasons

The Spanish League in the XXI century: teams with more seasons
Espanyol has played every season in the Primera in the XXI century. The 2020-21 será la primera en la que no estará.FOTO: The Spanish

Do you know who has played the most in the Spanish League in the 21st century? Who are the Spanish teams with the most seasons in Primera since the century began? The thing varied much with the arrival of the new millennium and especially from the so-called crisis that hit Spain in the second decade of the century.

The hitherto more or less the usual order of teams in the top flight, Spanish Primera Division, It was gradually changing to historical find of the twentieth century who have not come just, to tread the elite of Spanish football.

Others, pointers until recently seem to have become elevators while others, nonexistent in the XX have become a regular 1st in the XXI.

The Spanish League in the XXI century. Spanish teams that played in First reference to the season 2000/01 first century and how many seasons each.

  1. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Athletic and Espanyol (20 seasons). These five teams, They have played all editions of the First Division in the XXI century. The 3 first they have won the League in this period while Espanyol brushed the descent twice but managed to avoid it on the horn until his fall in 2020 in which he will play in Second. Athletic was also close to descend 2007.
  2. Sevilla and Villarreal (19 seasons). The sevillistas began the century in Second Division but after moving up 2001 They have not returned to step on anything other than the first and also, It has been the best period in its history with several titles like the Copa del Rey or 5 Europa League. Villarreal reached the 2000 and its only moon was its decline in 2012. The rest assiduous among 6 First League.
  3. Atletico Madrid (18 seasons). Atletico Madrid began in hell and rose 2002. Since then he has returned to be a big win even League 2014 among other titles.
  4. Málaga, Depor and Real society (16 seasons). Malaguistas completed a successful tour playing European competition several times with a large moon with falling 2018. Depor won the league in 2000 and it was a cockerel in the first editions accumulating several subchampionships. Everything changed in 2011 when it suffered its first decline to do so again in 2013 and saved from miracle 2015 and the hairs on 2016 Y 2017 to finish again descend into 2018 becoming on a lift. Real down in 2007 and rose in 2010.
  5. Osasuna, Betis and Getafe (15 seasons). The Reds have played the second on several occasions during this century but still, They have managed to play almost every season in the Primera so far although in the last five years very erratically. He rose through 2016 and he went down again in 2017. Betis has fallen several times in this century, Playing 5 Second years while Getafe amounted to 2004, He descended on 2016 and went back up in 2017.
  6. Real Mallorca and Celta de Vigo (13 seasons). Dramatic him from Mallorca who ended in 2017 bottoming out and down to Second B, joining the list of historic ending in the catacombs of Spanish football. Volvió a Segunda en 2018. El Celta de Vigo ha pasado de todo este siglo por Europa y por Segunda y se ha salvado dos veces de bajar en la última jornada en las temporadas 2018-19 Y 19-20.
  7. Levante(12 seasons). Levante has played 10 the last 11 seasons in Primera and 12 the last 20. The 2020-21 will be the number 13 in this century and the 15 in total its history.
  8. Zaragoza, Racing y Real Valladolid(11 seasons) . Zaragoza, one of the 10 best teams historically it has become an elevator in the XXI century accumulating descents and ascents, adding still 11 of the 15 first. Racing amounted to 2002 and he fell in 2012. Since then not getting off treading the Second and Second B. The Pucela occupied the First Division for much of the twentieth century. In the XXI thing they have not fared all that well. As often happens in these cases, ascents and descents to take 11 seasons among the largest in the new millennium.

9. Vallecano Ray (9 seasons). Rayito has everything for the new millennium including a period for the Second B. Europe came close on occasion but ended up falling in 2016 and saving category Second agonized way in 2017. In 2018 they went back to Primera and in 2019 the second.

10.Alaves (8 seasons). Alaves reached the final of the UEFA 2001, He went through the Second B and the second until it re-emerged and ascended in 2016. In the 16/17 was the surprise team even reached the final of the Copa del Rey

11. Granada (7 seasons). The Granada came to 2011 Primera and after 6 saving the category seasons by a whisker, He descended on 2017. In 2019 they returned to the big one to First to qualify in the season 2019-20 for the Europa League.

12. Almería, Sporting and Eibar (6 seasons). Almeria lived its best period in these seasons and despite down several times have managed to accumulate 6 of the 15 seasons in the elite. Sporting fell in the late 90 and he did not return to First up 2008 Mythical hand Preciado. He descended in 2012 He climbed back up in 2015 and to descend into 2017. A historic converted elevator in this century. . Gunsmiths down on his debut in First in 2015 after adding 27 points in the first round and 8 in the second. However the decline administrative Elche saved them and since then the Eibar is a serious project and consolidated. Four very good seasons in a row and a very weak last one of their 6 in the highest category in the XXI century and in its history in general.

13. UD Las Palmas (5 seasons). Las Palmas, He began the new millennium among the best but the thing falling twisted Second B and II where he lost the ascent to First in 2014 a pretty incredible way when he was the 2 feet in First. He climbed back into 2015 and he held until 2018. . Gunsmiths down on his debut in First in 2015 after adding 27 points in the first round and 8 in the second. However the decline administrative Elche saved them and since then the Eibar is a serious project and consolidated. Four very good seasons followed their 5 in the highest category in the XXI century and in its history in general.

13. Recreativo de Huelva y Leganés (4 seasons). Recre came to play a final of Copa del Rey 2003 against Mallorca but in the last decade of the century came down to finish in Second B, Third brush and fear for their survival. Fortunately the Dean survived. Leganes rose for the first time in its history to First in 2016 y consiguió mantener la categoría hasta 2020 when he came down on the last breath after a season with 1000 hit.

14. Numancia (3 seasons). Numancia name came to the fore after machada in Cup final 1996. Until then little or nothing was known of soriano club. This earned him a leap in quality to make it a fixture in second and even play the first three times in the new millennium, the last 2009. Certainly a success. He hurts his descent to Second B after 24 years in professional football.

15. Girona, Tenerife, Murcia, Elche and Albacete (2 seasons). Murcia got to touch the first two occasions and even play the play off to climb 2014 but then he was dropped administratively. similar to the case which amounted in Elche 2013 and solvency remained two seasons but 2015, It was down administratively and 2017, He gave with his bones in Second B. Girona went to Second in its second season in First.

16. SD Huesca, Real Oviedo, Córdoba, Hercules, Xerez, Cadiz and Nastic de Tarragona (1 season). E. Oviedo began among large but declined in 2001 falling into hell of the Third. After 12 years got back in 2015 a second and grazed in the First Playoff to climb two consecutive years. The rest, basically they failed to maintain the category or one year up sometime in the XXI century and fell again one year after climbing. In the case of Córdoba also adding to the sad baggage the worst round of the League history with two points. Cádiz and Huesca will return to the elite in 2020-21.


Cordoba made the worst round of the League history.
Cordoba did in 2015 the worst round of the League history.

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