Deportivo de la Coruña, become a landmark lift equipment

El Deportivo de la Coruña, un histórico convertido en un equipo ascensor
Deportivo La Coruna down to second for the third time 7 years and after save others 3 of a miracle. Photo: ABC

Last update 7 May, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

If we take a look back at the 90, we remember that ‘Super Sport‘ which it grew from a modest one of the greats of Spanish football League debating Real Madrid and Barcelona and even winning the last of the twentieth century, la de la temporada 1999-2000 winning in between Cup and Supercopa of Spain. Then would come the 'Centenariazo’ and Deportivo Coruna who would lie historic Champions. Yet all that is far, and far. In recent 15 years the Galician club has fallen to hell if we saw what was to the point of no longer being able to settle or regularly in First Division. Whole historical converted into an elevator equipment.

Deportivo de la Coruña, has become an elevator equipment

And is that in just 10 years, Deportivo La Coruna has fallen a whopping 3 sometimes from first to second, and once from Second to Second B something that few would imagine just ago 10 years without going too far. A team that has won between 1995 y 2002 two Copa del Rey, 3 Spain Super Cups and a League and who has returned as it did in 2011 y 2013, to descend into the category of Spanish football silver 2018. Up in the latter with the possibility of making the worst score of the club in the top flight since the victories are worth 3 points.

But it is also three drops, in between 2015 y 2018 He was also on the wire in the 2014-15 where it was saved from miracle and the 2015-16 y 2016-17 where he finished near the relegation zone to complete 8 of the worst years in recent history of the club. Another example of such mismanagement can finish even with teams that had become accustomed to being at the top.

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