The latest craze Abreu against his current team fans

The latest craze Abreu against his current team fans
Abreu and his umpteenth madness (Photo: xpress media)

Things are not going well in the Audax Italiano. The Chilean team, the umpteenth in the career of Sebastian 'El Loco’ Abreu, accumulates a poor run of results that have caused fans insulted some team players in the squad, including Uruguay.

But nevertheless, charrúa attacker's reaction was surprising and disproportionate. Abreu, after some fans face the, He grabbed a table and threw it at them, something that stunned the present not believe what was happening.

The image is, which they were captured by XpressMedia exclusive, they soon circulated like wildfire through the media and social networks. Definitely, an episode of madness in the lengthy career of the Uruguayan striker.

Javi Argudo

Javi Argudo

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