Ridle Baku, Mainz player, He lived a day that will never forget

Ridle Baku, Mainz player, He lived a day that will never forget
Baku celebrates the victory singing with the fans (Photo: Twitter Mainz)

The world of football brings us beautiful stories like telling. This time a young player from Mainz, actually its subsidiary set, yesterday lived the dream of every footballer who yearns to make the leap to the first team of their club.

Ridle Baku traveling by bus to play a game with a subsidiary of Mainz when he received the call from the first team that afternoon played a vital game for permanence against RB Leipzig. Football player, He got off at a gas station and was picked up by someone from the club hastily took him to the stadium where he arrived but in time justito. Mainz started the day in decline and eventually achieving an important victory with a goal from Baku itself in injury time, unleashing madness in the hobby.

The young 20 years went from being way of a subsidiary party to play with the first team and scoring, who knows if the goal of the permanence of the club in the German Bundesliga. Of course, victory was celebrated in style and Baku went up to the stands to the fans sing along mic in hand. curious stories that leaves us this exciting sport.

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