Bajitos the world of football players

Bajitos the world of football players
Maxi Moralez is one of the shortest footballers in the world. PHOTO: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Who are the shortest players in the world? They say that size matters but is not the case in the world of football. the bajitos, They have always been considered as great football players. Skilled guys who his short stature did not prevent them desarbolar any defense. If these prettily put them face like Diego Armando Maradona, did not go beyond 1,65, even less at the end of his days or that of Leo Messi, justito who reached the 1,70 Tall, standard size of many soccer player, We give credence to this theory.

Most players in the world bajitos

Diego Goodnight played with his 1,60 teams like River or the Spanish League in Malaga and Granada. Pablo Piatti 161 cm has a long career in Spain in teams like Almeria, Valencia, Espanyol and Elche. Height shared with another Argentine, Maxi Moralez. Papu Gómez with his 1,65 he is also short. Curiously, all those named so far are Argentine.

Good night, the shortest player in La Liga
Good night, alevín playing like a professional, but only in size. PHOTO: Clarion

be short, disclaims not to be a force of nature, or possess an impressive muscle power. Roberto Carlos, he was able to launch missiles with the left. Kun Agüero, possesses a strength in his lower body or Apache Tevez are other examples, of bajitos players. None of the three exceeds the 1,70. The Italian Sebastian Giovinco just mide 1,63 which does not prevent him from being a talented player.

El Italian Giovinco on 1,63 It is one of the most prettily players. PHOTO:

Christian “Hobbit” Bermudez and Sinha with extensive experience in Mexican football just pass the 1,60 while others like Brazilian or Argentine Élton Villalba, just pass the subway and a half.

Other historical short footballers

If we look back, We found other short players who gave a lot of war for the soccer fields. For example Spanish Pedro Munitis who played for Racing de Santander, Real Madrid and the Spanish team that was a whirlwind in the field with their 1,65 and that he formed a lethal tandem with his partner Zigic from 2,00 metros. A total contrast to one of the tallest players in the world. the same Romario just mide 1,67. Another curious case was undoubtedly that of Jorge Campos, the Mexican goalkeeper-forward who did not even reach the 1,68 but still he defended the goal of his country with success.

shortest players in the world
Munitis and Zigic, the peculiar 'Duo Pencil Sharpener’ PHOTO: Losotros18


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  1. I am Argentine, and it is no coincidence that many players of short stature are compatriots, because in my country there are coaches in children's categories that give priority to technical and player skill over size. And it is common to see in schoolhouses football tournaments like these “in years” make a difference. Incredibly in all clubs, so are neighborhood clubs, always receive one… Thus they are selecting and carrying clubs and if they larger proper physical development and continue to excel no doubt upload coach the senior team.

  2. The shortest school school football club Emelec sub 17

  3. As half the scorer Pichichi Athletic Club Bilbao on whether qque was small, Gianfranco Zola also, Ludovic Giuly

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