Ivan Zamorano, one of the best players in the history of Chile

Ivan Zamorano, one of the best players in the history of Chile
Iván Zamorano was one of the most decisive forwards of the decade of the 90. PHOTO: Brand

Iván Zamorano is one of the best players in the history of Chile. Few players have had their ability to rise above the opposing defenses, Few players have had their excellent header. With a great career behind him, Ivan ” BAM BAM” Zamorano is undoubtedly an icon of Chilean soccer and South America.

Ivan Zamorano, uno de los mejores futbolistas de la historia de Chile

Born a 18 of January of 1967, soon he begins to demonstrate their ability to pierce the rival networks did in his homeland where his career began. Their good work during his first professional seasons, They did that in just three years make the leap to European football, specifically to Bologna, which it was sold in 1988.

He did not play in the Italian club since he was loaned to Swiss ST Gallen, where after some great performances, It was bought by the Swiss club that would remain two seasons, until 1990.

In Switzerland, Ivan Zamorano and he continued beating people after scoring 37 goals in the Swiss league was signed by the Sevilla, specialist often profitable signings. Sevilla played from the 90 al 92, It is one of the front reference Spanish league, which would bring him to sign for one of the all-powerful world football; The real Madrid.

El milagro de Zamorano en el Real Madrid

Ivan Zamorano, he remained for four seasons, from 1992 until 1996, which she would have its good and bad times, but where it would be forever remembered as an idol for the demanding Madrid fans. During his first season, Ivan scored goals, but the second, to from 1993-94, He had a drop in performance, leaving his only season 11 goals.

Jorge Valdano declared transferable upon arrival in 1994 with a newcomer Emilio Amavisca. Life things, no team was interested in them enough, which he made both to stay at Real Madrid.

This was possibly one of the best things that happened to the Bernabeu team in its history, Zamorano and Amavisca were the stars of Real Madrid 1994-95, he regained his throne in the league after 5 seasons. Zamorano finished top scorer with 28 goals thanks to multiple assists Amavisca. In said season Zamorano was named best foreign player and Amavisca best national player.

Iván Zamorano and Amavisca
Amavisca and Zamorano were the miracle of Real Madrid in the season 1994-95. PHOTO: Brand

Ivan Zamorano 1+8

In 1996 he went to another big European football, Inter Milan. Allí comenzó el declive de su carrera. While he remained for five seasons his numbers were discrete scorers, often acting as substitute.

The oddest thing was what happened with his back during his stay at Inter. Nike brand, Ronaldo and sponsor of the club, demanded that this take the 9 in its zamarra, which at that time he had Zamorano. While in his first season at Inter, Ronaldo had taken the 10, in his second, since they were trading a Nike boots with the nickname R9.

Zamorano then, chose the 18, which he put more in between, forming an original 1+8 in what is one of the most curious anecdotes in the history of football. Then he went to Mexico where he remained for several seasons in the American and ended his career at Colo Colo where he retired in 2003.

Ivan Zamorano 1+8 anecdotes of football history
Ivan Zamorano with its mythical 1+8. PHOTO: Twitter

Internacional mundialista y olímpico con Chile

International Chile, was mundialista in France 1998 forming a lethal pair with another Chilean football derby, Marcelo Salas conocida como la double ZA-SA. He was also bronze medalist in Sydney 2000, where he scored 6 goals. Throughout his career he scored 348 goals in 665 parties. Surprising that despite his short stature (1,76) got to have that lethal header that characterized him. Además tenia una sorprendente capacidad de remate con ambas piernas. Temperamental and punchy, Ivan Zamorano he was one of the great forwards in world football for many years.

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