At the double Za-Sa, Chile's history

At the double Za-Sa, Chile's history
At the double Za-Sa, history of Chile and also two of the best strikers centers. PHOTO: AS

The Za-Sa duo is the history of Chilean football, definitely. During the decade of the 90, Chile, He was fortunate to have two of the best strikers in the world at that time, Ivan Zamorano and Marcelo Salas, a tandem of forwards who caught the imagination of football fans in the South American country. Although the great successes of Chilean soccer came in 2015 y 2016 with paths Cups America, before they had two of the best attackers of their time.

At the double Za-Sa, one of the best at the end of the 20th century

This pair of “Killers” of the area lived his best moment in the qualifiers for the France World Cup 1998 where they scored 23 of the 32 goals of the Chilean national team and the World Cup itself. a World, where the Chileans returned after many years of absence and the bitter memory of the biggest farce in football history starring the Condor Rojas in Maracana in the qualifying rounds for Italy 90 or failure to attend USA 94. At the double Za-Sa, He returned the illusion to a footballing country, he had lost after a long crossing the desert.

At the double Za-Sa, Chile's history.
At the double Za-Sa, Chile's history. PHOTO: AS

Ivan 'Bam Bam' Zamorano, Chile's history

Ivan Zamorano, He began his football career in the Cobresal, to go through the Andean Copper, Italian Bologna ,Saint-Gallen Swiss and Spanish in Sevilla. Highlighting the Sevillian team, in 1992, he signed for Real Madrid. His first year in the white club was closed with excellent numbers, in 34 League matches and scored 26 goals. Then came a bad season, the 93/94 where only marked 11 goals and this summer 94 where he spent more outside than inside the club.

Finally his hard work and determination he managed to convince Valdano and that season, He ended up being the top scorer in the Spanish League. Marked the gol 4.000 in the history of Real Madrid in La Liga. Finally he left in 1996 from Real Madrid to Inter Milan. He also was in Mexico defending the jersey of America.

Marcelo Salas ‘The Matador’

'The matador’ Marcelo Salas, He began his career at the University of Chile where it was a reference. In it 94 his life changed his debut with the Chilean national team and move to River Plate. the fans of River won and after several seasons triumphing he went to Italy to play in the clubs of the capital, Lazio and then in Rome. During the end of the XXI century it was one of the best strikers in the world.

Together, They were lethal in front of goal, They had the goal between the eyes. Ivan with 9 and Marcelo with 11, They formed one of the most powerful attacks but perhaps the planet, They were not sufficiently accompanied by a squad that did not have the same level as them, if that had been the case, Chile may have aspired to more important things. Out and out, both they passed into history of a generation of followers who remember his goals and because they were the pride of an entire country.

Salas and Zamorano, Chile's history.
Salas and Zamorano, Chile's history. La double Za-Sa PHOTO: As

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