The worst thrashings received by the selection of Mexico

The worst thrashings received by the selection of Mexico
Chile festival came to Mexico in the US.

the strong 7 a 0 he endorsed Chile in the Copa America Centenario to Tricolor, was the second in the list of the worst thrashings received by the selection of Mexico. However, possibly by context, the framework of competition, the times and the umpteenth time that the Mexican press sold his selection as a superpower (tildarla reached clear favorite), is possibly the most escueza.

And is that the Tricolor, It is known as Mexican, always historically it is given by the press in his country as a favorite, something the rest of the world does not usually share. Unfortunately for them, statistics always end up serving around the world and Mexico combined just crashing against the team expectations shift. Although this Copa America Centenario was too much and even if the ultimate champion of America at that time, Chile, seven goals are too many for a team of professionals.

These are all great thrashings that has received the Mexican national soccer team in its history:

1961 England 8-0 Mexico
2016 Chile 7-0 Mexico
1928 Spain 7-1 Mexico
1978 Germany 6-0 Mexico
1930 Argentina 6-3 Mexico
1992 Mexico 0-5 Brazil
1984 Italia 5-0 Mexico
1994 Mexico 1-5 Sweden
1998 Norway 5-2 Mexico
2004 Mexico 0-4 Brazil
1997 Mexico 0-4 Brazil
1980 N. Zealand 4-0 Mexico
1994 Mexico 1-4 Russia

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