The biggest farce of football history

The biggest farce of football history
Condor Rojas starred in the biggest farce of football history. PHOTO: Graphic

He 3 September 1989 possibly occurred biggest fraud that has ever been done to the world of football. It happened during the access qualifiers for the Italy World Cup 90. Brazil and Chile, framed in the same qualifying group ( then they did not play all against all) Maracana faced in his last game. Chileans should win, while Brazilians, the tie was worth them. Everything was normal in the lead up to the minute 70. The “canarinha” ganaba por 1-0 and it looked like the final minutes would be a mere formality.

The biggest farce of football history

However, Nothing is further from reality. Suddenly, a flare fell on Roberto Rojas, nicknamed the “Condor”, goalkeeper of the Chilean team and one of the best in the world at that time. The goalkeeper fell to the ground as he writhed in despair with obvious symptoms of pain. The face, totally bloodied invited to think the worst. So much, the referee had to suspend the meeting, while “Condor” Rojas was carried by his companions to the infirmary Stadium.

The stunned stadium, journalists impacted. Everyone believed. definitely the party was canceled at the insistence of Chilean players not found “full guarantees” returning to field. However, everything was fraud, a farce, the big lie Football.

Una Machiavellian idea to eliminate Brazil, or at least force a replay on a neutral field. Rojas, He had hidden a knife between his gloves and flare brand, curiously “Condor”, It had been launched by such Rosenery Mello, a girl from 24 years, which would become a myth in Brazil. So much, even he is going out in the magazine “Playboy” and win big money.

However, the passage of time made it clear to Rojas and his ideas of Nobel Prize. Various studies by scientists showed that it was physically impossible for the rocket had hit the place of the goalkeeper body from where it had been launched. Besides, Rojas statements, and gestures of Chilean players at halftime slights by the Brazilian fans sowed doubts. And if that was not enough, the magazine Argentina “the graphic” He revealed a picture where you could see exactly what the flare had fallen away half a meter and the position of goalkeeper.

In the picture you can see the tremendous farce of the Condor Rojas. The flare does not touch him.
In the picture you can see the tremendous farce of the Condor Rojas. The flare does not touch him. PHOTO: Graphic

FIFA was implacable with Chile

Before such pantomima, FIFA had contemplations. He gave the match lost to Chile 2-0, he drove out of the qualifying playoffs Italy 90 and prevented him from disputing the following rights of access to USA 94. Rojas, It was the worst part: He was banned for life, Although FIFA granted a symbolic pardon 2001, when I already had 43 years.

Time after, Roberto Rojas apologize for his grotesque action and recognize the action: "I cut myself with a Gillette and farce was discovered. It was a cut to my dignity. I had problems in my home with my wife, my colleagues gave me back ... but if I had been Argentina, Uruguay or Brazil would not be suspended, but since I'm Chilean was not given the chance to redeem myself ". Definitely, regrettable.

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