The innovations that bring PES 2016

The innovations that bring PES 2016

PES 2016 will continue its war with FIFA 16 EA Sports to be the best football video game market. An uphill battle to take both houses facing for more than a decade. Hace poco, you talked about the innovations that could bring FIFA 16, Today is the turn of PES 2016.

The truth is that in one way or another, the game will change. Jhon Murphy, head of European design team left Konami in September 2014 after 16 years. With new designers and new ideas, el PES 2016, It is a mystery. Although as often it happens in these cases the news and rumors come to the fore.

One is possibly PES 2016, increase your licenses, something that moment FIFA wins by a landslide as it has more players and league rival. The other two are sounding quite novel, not seen in a football game.

It looks like, PES 2016 in its edition include beach soccer and women's football also talks although this second option would be facing the issue 2017. It would certainly be the first to see this in a football game. For now fans will have to wait until autumn but soon, in mid-June, between 16 and the 18, Konami is scheduled to make a presentation. Estaremos atentos.

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