Auckland City, a Spanish team in Oceania

Auckland City, a Spanish team in Oceania

The “Spanish” Auckland City Queen in Oceania. The whole of New Zealand was third in the Club World Cup played in Morocco, Queen in oceanic continent. From the distant yet beautiful New Zealand, The group led by Spanish coach Ramon Tribulietx has become the great dominator of the OFC Champions, the showpiece of the territory.

But the Auckland City is not only a “Spanish team” because his coach, which has already a long and successful career in the club is almost a legend there but because the New Zealand club employs staff with several Spanish. Angel Luis Berlanga, Iván Carril, Oscar Garcia and Gustavo Souto form with Tribulietx, the Spanish Legion in Oceania.

Berlanga played in Majadahonda Raya when he left the amateur football community of Madrid to start your adventure as a professional in the Auckland City. He also had a step by the Indian football but returned to the club to leave New Zealand Oceania champions again. Ivan Carril if he came to play in the Spanish professional football.

Formed in the quarry of Deportivo, He played in the Galician club itself, in Pontevedra and with the neighborhood in Second Division. Also he went through Austria, Greece and even Iraq before returning to Spain to play in Segunda B in the ranks of L'Hospitalet. In 2014 He arrived in New Zealand to enlist in this exotic adventure.

Oscar Garcia was formed in the quarry of Malaga but kicked by half Segunda B teams like Ontinyent, Leganes, San Roque Lepe and Loja. Like his fellow, He went through such exotic countries as Kazakhstan before arriving in January 2014 the New Zealand club. Come and kiss the saint as title.

The case is quite peculiar Gustavo Souto. He played in Eibar in Second B, Guadalajara, Teruel and Kazakhstan. In 2013 He passed by the Auckland City and went to play in the Galician larks. He returned to New Zealand set earlier 2015 to play the final round robin in which he actively participated.

And since the advent of the crisis in Spain many players have left the country in search of a better future and even to live as professional sport. If you want to know some other cases Spanish footballers in exotic locations can continue reading this article.

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