¿PES 14 o FIFA 14? The great dilemma for gamers

¿PES 14 o FIFA 14? The great dilemma for gamers

¿Pro Evolution Soccer 14 o FIFA 14? Like every year at this time is about the great dilemma for those who love football video games. The two big franchises, Konami with his PES and EA Sports with his FIFA, have been competing for supremacy for years, Although it seems that this last one has been made with the first position of sales of the market.

As it usually happens at this time of year, both platforms present their novelties although they do not fully reveal their weapons. Like every season, video game lovers, have the opportunity to live dream seasons with the club of their loves among others. The battle promises to be exciting.

PES was the leader for a long time and wants to regain the throne

PES was the franchise par excellence for many years, the total soccer simulator, although then it lost steam before the push of a FIFA that took a substantial quality leap. This forced Konami to improve their product that seemed to have stalled. The inclusion of many new licenses, the improvement of the simulator and the appearance of all the stadiums of the Spanish League last season, were some of the best that PES included in its version of 2013.

What news will PES present 14 versus its predecessor?

This question is what many of the users will be asking, especially, those who are in doubt between one product or another. PES will improve one of its weaknesses compared to FIFA, the licenses, although it will still not reach the FIFA numbers, which has practically all major leagues.

The exclusivity of international team competitions such as the Copa Libertadores, UEFA Europa League, Champions League and with the novelty of the Asian Champions, is another of the points where PES beats FIFA. The opportunity to play a real match of those competitions with logos, protocols, hymns, jerseys and real ball, sells a lot.

PES 14 It will include the Brazilian League in its entirety and it seems that it will include the Argentine League. Another novelty, it will be the importance of the public in motivating the players that will influence their game, state of mind and form. The Konami team wants you to eat in real life, the public is a determining part in the game.

Another of the strengths of PES with respect to FIFA, is the internal editor. In PES you can literally reproduce the faces of players who are not licensed as well as create stadiums or uniforms. Freedom is broader than in FIFA. It seems that Konami is going to enhance the editor in addition to improving the textures of the faces and expanding the licensed faces. As a visual enhancement, will include tifos and other visual effects in the presentations of the matches.

Impressive view of a tifo from the Bayern fans that will be in PES 2013.
Impressive view of a tifo from the Bayern fans that will be in PES 2014.

The gameplay of the product will also improve in the latest version of the PES. Control of the ball will be extended to 360 degrees with respect to the player and the team will behave in a more fluid and natural way. During the game there will be more contact sensation, thrusts and loads with the body.

PES 2014 will go on sale on 19 September and will not have a version for new generation consoles. Here you can see one of the promotional videos that Konami has released to promote the new PES 2014.

FIFA leads the market in recent years

The FIFA franchise made the final leap with its FIFA 10 for the latest generation consoles. The EA Sports franchise was the first leader in history when in 1994 took out the FIFA SOCCER 94, the first great soccer game to come out for platforms like the Sega Mega Drive.

Despite having been with FIFA for more than two decades, During the early years of the new century he was surprised and outmatched by his Konami rival, especially in the consoles of the previous generation. Certainly PES dominated the old generation but with the arrival of the PlayStation3 and the Xbox 360, the point went to EA and their FIFA. Everything indicates that in the new PlayStation 4 y la Xbox One, it seems that the trend will continue.

What's new in the new FIFA 14?

The Chilean Leagues, Brazilian and Argentine are the novelties regarding licenses in the new FIFA 14. With the incorporation of these new licenses and others that will arrive in the coming weeks, FIFA 14 it will be the most real soccer game. El FIFA 14 will have 33 official leagues, more of 600 clubs and more than 16.000 players. Mythical stadiums like La Bombonera will appear in the game.

La Bombonera will appear in FIFA 14 together with the Argentine League.
La Bombonera will appear in FIFA 14 together with the Argentine League.

The release date of the ‘FIFA14’ demo has been confirmed. It will make its worldwide appearance for Xbox 360 and PC next 10 September and for PlayStation 3 the 11 of September. Another novelty that will delight romantics will be the incorporation of legendary footballers like Pelé, Patrick Viera or Ruud Gullit for the new 'FIFA 14 Ultimate Team’.

If before we have commented that PES 2014 will not have a version in the new generation of consoles, FIF A14 will enter through the big door in them. The new Match Flow feature, will allow on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, have players interact with supporting characters such as ball boys or fans, which aims to revolutionize the gameplay offering a more dynamic and real game.

Image of the legends that will appear in FIFA14.
Image of the legends that will appear in FIFA14.

Which one do I buy, FIFA the PES?

As always happens with these games, All the news presented so far are not final and the product is not complete or on the day of its launch, being updated as it develops and detecting errors. The best solution to decide which one to buy?, wait for the demos of both games that will come out between 10 and the 12 of September. The definitive version of PES 2013 will come out 19 of September, while FIFA 14 will do it a week later, the 27 the same month. The battle is served.

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  2. pes fifa can bring everything but pes brings champions, super cup, Europa league and when you buy one for the master league they appear at the stadium or as a bale with Florentino and being a legend is also the same

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