The most notorious ghost goals in football history

The most notorious ghost goals in football history
Even if it looks like a lie, this goal was not considered valid. PHOTO: football day

Until the advent of technology, the ghost goals in football history have been a constant. In 2014, at World Brazil we could see for the first time the technology was applied for among other things, end the eternal controversy of the ghost goals. Something that would endorse Russia 2018 with the introduction of VAR. And is that throughout history, There have been many such goals which have been long discussions, some even, He has decided a World Cup. Let's remember 5.

Some of the most notorious ghost goals in football history

The ghost goal that gave the victory to England in the World 1966

When the referees are wrong, the impact that reaches the controversial play is usually quite large. If this, we add that two teams are involved, then everything is magnified. But ,and, also, we add that this is the biggest game possible, then it goes on to become global scandal.

That was what happened at the end of the England World Cup 66, who played local selection and Germany at the old Wembley. In full extension with tie 2 the score, English Geoff Hurst he threw a ball at the crossbar and it bounced over the line, giving the referee validity of goal despite protests.

As you can see in the picture, the ball never completely passed the goal line, so that both should not go up to the scoreboard. The goal helped England win their first World Cup by beating the Germans 4-2. Hurst, what is he only player to have scored three goals in a World Cup final, He recognized shortly after the goal should not have been given legal.

ghost goals in football history
This ghost goal gave England the World Cup 1966.

Lampard's goal in the World Cup 2010

Coincidentally and ironies of life, 44 years later, in the World Cup, history would repeat itself this time in second round. Frank Lampard he crashed the ball against the crossbar and subsequently went over the goal line. This time, The referee was conceded the goal.

ghost goals in football history
Technology would have prevented this serious mistake. PHOTO: Capture

Michel's goal to Brazil in Mexico 1986

The 1 June 1986, Spain and Brazil opened its stake in the Mexico World Cup 86. Spain, European silver medalist two years ago came to the meeting with a powerful team which featured a large presence of Real Madrid players, affectionately dubbed as the "fifth Vulture".

Brazil, meanwhile, was one of the great hopefuls inherit the throne achieved by Italy four years earlier. Guadalajara Jalisco stadium was exceptional witness to a party that played and had boasted in the Australian Chris Bambridge reference to Arbitration. But nevertheless, I would not be overly bright collegiate action. In addition to awarding the only goal Brazil in a controversial offside Socrates, Bambridge would swallow the famous ghost goal Michel.

The Real Madrid player took a rebound off a corner to trap the ball with his chest on the edge of the area and drop a shoe that hit the crossbar in the Brazilian goal and bounced ostensibly goal line. Somewhat valid, however, He did not see or did not want to see the match referee and ended with the illusions of the Spanish debut on the right foot. Without a doubt, He was one of the clearest ghosts goals in World Cup history.

Seeing is believing what happened to Quique Setién

Sporting- Racing season 95-96 will be remembered by Quique Setien scored a. The team got cantabro player from outside the area to score a wonderful goal that slipped directly into the goal of the Asturian team. At first, the goal was to get on the scoreboard, as initially so hizó to let the referee of the match Rubio Valdivieso.

But nevertheless, the scandal would occur when the assistant referee of the meeting was to call the match referee to give for disallowed the goal to understand that the ball had not gone and what had really happened was that the ball had entered the net outside be thanks to this broken. Indignation was complete, and to top, Quique Setien earned a yellow card for protesting. As you can see in the pictures, they do not give rise to doubt.

The scandalous illegal goal conceded in the Bundesliga

Stefan Kiessling took a corner to mark the 0-2 his team. But nevertheless, The striking thing was that despite the clarity of images, The referee Brych did not realize that the ball had not gone inside the goal but for a hole in one side. Although you can see the ball hitting out of the goal, The goal took the score generating no small controversy in the postgame. Surprisingly no one protested in the field.

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