Jorge Campos: the goalkeeper scorer

Jorge Campos: el portero goleador

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Jorge Campos is one of the best players that has given Mexico in its history, arguably the best goalkeeper who has never defended the framework of the Aztecs. Eccentric in your wardrobe, It differed from other colleagues on one thing, he liked the same stopping the goals that mark, to the point of reaching change the goalkeeper shirt to slip into one of the team and be at the spearhead of his team. Sin duda, a player out of the ordinary.

Born in sunny Acapulco 15 de octubre de 1966, It is considered one of the best goalkeepers of his time and recognized by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics as the fourth best goalkeeper of the century CONCACAF.

Los atuendos de Jorge Campos no dejaban indiferente a nadie.
The costumes of Jorge Campos left no one indifferent.

He went to three World Cups with Mexico ( USA 94, Francia 98 and Korea and Japan 2002) and he played in Atlante, Blue Cross, Tigres and Puebla. In all he acted as a goalkeeper and as a striker, depending on what the situation demanded. It became very popular for its uniform ritual changed to leave the goalkeeper position and continue participating in the game as a striker. Anotó 35 many, a negligible figure considering their usual place was the goalkeeper.

Jorge Campos al fondo de blanco, actuando de delantero.
Jorge Campos white background, acting front.

With a very short height for a goalkeeper (there are still debates about its actual size), Campos was a very agile goalkeeper, spectacular and that did not go unnoticed because of his outlandish outfits that never left anyone indifferent. With a game on the feet of many levels, better than many outfielders, much he liked to participate in the team's game, something very unusual even today.

Precisamente, This confidence in his technique made him commit some other high-profile gaffe since I used to go out with the ball controlled with the foot instead of throwing the ball upfield, very much in the Colombian Rene Higuita. He became so famous, that came with Cantona, Figo and other stars of the moment, in the Nike ad where they faced demons and the French Bad Boy finiquitaba one of these beings of tremendous Whiplash.

Jorge Campos y René Higuita, dos de los porteros más espectaculares y excéntricos que se han visto jamás.
Jorge Campos and Rene Higuita, two of the most spectacular and eccentric goalkeepers have ever seen.

He Brody as they call, he finished his career in 2003 but currently still involved in charitable parties dyes with other former great players which continues to be a show. which makes sense, he always cared little whether it was a World, a league match between friends or pachanga. He was always a show and a pleasure to see you on the green playmat.

PD: Here we leave a video with the best stops, plays, goals and eccentricities of this great player.

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