The passion of footballers for new technologies

La pasión de los futbolistas por las nuevas tecnologías
Footballers are no strangers to new technologies. PHOTO: The country

Last update 3 March, 2021 by Alberto Llopis

New technologies give more and more possibilities, especially communication. Footballers are clear about it and use social networks to publicize more facets of life beyond what they do on the pitch. And as public figures, there are many people who are interested in the news they publish, and so they are adding followers. That is why they constantly update their networks and try to stay connected; looking for solutions when they come up problems with wifi and the connection, and acquiring the gadgets’ latest technology.

This passion for new technologies is seen in the pace of updates they carry out. Social networks have become new sources of information that they use to get closer to their followers. Before the changing rooms of the soccer fields were secret places and what happened there was not accessible to the fans of the teams. Now it is something normal that after a game they upload photos inside the dressing room (especially if you have won an important match), or that they comment in a few characters about things that have happened on the lawn.

And beyond the stadiums, they have opened their most intimate places. Through their electronic devices they show the world even their houses, either by showing them or simply posting photos or videos of moments when they are physically preparing at home on their personal accounts. In the last few months, when professional competitions have been temporarily interrupted and footballers no longer train in a group with their teammates, It has been common to see them at home preparing alone. An example has been one of the most popular footballers in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In this way, they showed that they were still trying to stay in shape by the time they played again.. And for this they used the tools offered by new technologies, that reach anywhere and that allow you to be connected with your followers from anywhere on the planet.

Investment in communication technologies

The passion for new technologies is seen both in the use that footballers make and also in the form of economic investment. With the money they earn from their club chips and advertising contracts, each one spends it as they consider. And on this financial side of their life they can see in new technologies a way out to monetize.

Although economic investments are usually a facet that is not well known, there are some cases that have transcended. A few weeks ago it was news that Gerard Piqué has invested, along with an American fund, 3 million euros in the Sorare company, specialized in fantasy football game. Previously, the FC Barcelona defender had created a video game company, and about five years ago his video comments on Periscope were very popular. Now posting videos on social networks is already very common.

New dedications related to new technologies are also explored by athletes. How can it be that of ‘youtuber’. An example is Santiago Cañizares, international exporter with Spain, that after hanging up his gloves he has also been a rally driver and is currently a sports commentator on football broadcasts. Well, recently he has opened a personal channel on the YouTube platform and is uploading videos regularly. In them he talks about football and also shows his hobbies and passions. Like any current youtuber in any field that grows on this platform, but being already a benchmark in professional football.

Social networks are opened as a way to monetize your image. It is already normal for advertising campaigns to have a presence in these places, and footballers get paid for posting promotional tweets and posts. Thus the passion for new technologies also becomes a business. And for this they only need to have the necessary devices and have a good Internet connection. Apart from his work as a soccer professional that gives them worldwide popularity.

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