The articles of Real Madrid, example of sports merchandising

The articles of Real Madrid, example of sports merchandising
The official Real Madrid store, an example of merchandising. PHOTO: ABC.ES

The impact of world-class soccer clubs goes far beyond the match on the pitch. Fans and fans can have an experience with their team at any time with the range of official products that are marketed. For example, when looking for the Real Madrid store on your items you can find a wide range among which to buy from anywhere in the world.

The Madrid team stands out for its high budget, and a part of it is achieved with the intense work of ‘merchandising’ sports. The value of official products is in the quality of the articles, made by suppliers and manufacturers with which the club has an agreement, the guarantee that it is the image of the team and the contribution that it supposes to the income of the entity; which would be related to the possibilities of improving the workforce.

The Real Madrid store, a benchmark in the sector

In recent years, intensive work has been done on removing a wide variety of items, and Internet sales have allowed them to reach the whole world.. The best-known products may be first-team kits.. Especially the game jerseys, both the first kit and the second or even third kits with which the possibility of choosing color is opened. There is also the interest in wearing pants, one chandal, in any size (there are even baby models).

In addition to clothing, on almost any object of daily life the colors and the emblem of the favorite club can appear. Scarves are classic, which are no longer just for the cold but are used above all to wave them in the wind and as a hallmark. You can also wear these symbols on objects as useful as hats and backpacks.

Inside the houses the variety of official products is also very complete. It's easy to go to sleep with your team, clothed with a duvet cover Real Madrid and a bed set from the same club, and with sleep gear in team pajamas, for example. Accessories are also often found in highly visible and commonly used items such as mugs., the clocks, etc.

For sale ‘online’ it is sought that the product sheets are detailed to have the information of the measures, either the size of a T-shirt or the centimeters of the duvets to fit the home mattress. And with quality images, because although through the Internet you cannot have it in front you can see it well. In recent times, the possibility of buying through the network has been developed., with specialized platforms that guarantee safety.

The showcase of official products of a football club on the Internet is a reflection, adapted to new technologies, of physical stores that already have a long history. This is the case of Real Madrid, which has 14 stores where you can enter a space intended to present the club. Highlights the store of the most important and symbolic place of a team, their stadium. The Santiago Bernabéu commercial space has 1.500 square meters of surface.

In addition to the center of the white coliseum, six other stores are distributed throughout the Community of Madrid, from the central Gran Vía to two spaces at the Barajas Airport. Two cities have three stores, Barcelona, with one of them in such a touristy place as Las Ramblas, and across the pond Mexico DF. This network of spaces is completed by the one located in Palma de Mallorca.

The creation of commercial stores is one of the clubs' resources to obtain economic resources, which will then translate into income that can be invested in the templates and in the structures of the sets. And also to extend the identity of fans, that they have at their disposal the option of dressing and having products with the colors of their set. The possibility of obtaining articles online opens this option to the entire planet, which facilitates access to people who live kilometers from where there are physical stores. In this way, Whoever wants can buy through a few clicks.

Damián Sancho

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