Year notes 2013

Las notas del año 2013

Last update 30 December, 2013 por Julio Muñoz

A little more than 24 hours until the end of the year, Hanged by Football takes a look at what happened during the year in its usual summary of the most and least positive things about the current year. Titles, characters who achieved great results, These are the notes of 2013 for the entire football planet:

10- Bayern de Múnich: The German team completed a sensational campaign with a Club World Cup as the culmination of a historic treble. Frank Ribéry embodied the spirit of the team with his important goals in crucial moments, but in reality the success was due to a phenomenal squad and a better coach, Jupp Heynckes, who by the way retired in the course he is leaving. En su lugar, tough mission for Guardiola.

9- Borussia Dortmund de: a daring team, brave with Klopp from the bench approaching each game as if the life in him was leaving him. Lewandowski, Gundogan, Reus, names that were about to crown champion a team that in the Champions League semi-finals managed to eliminate Real Madrid.

8- Cristiano Ronaldo: It is not clear who will receive the Ballon d'Or, but there is no doubt that the Portuguese is the one who made the most personal merits. 67 goals in 2013 They consecrated him as the footballer who scored the most goals, leaving Ibrahimovic behind (47) and Leo Messi (45). In everyone's memory, his match against Sweden.

7- Luis Suarez and Diego Costa: two good forwards who emerged in the second half of 2013 like battering rams with a lot of goals. The two of them lead their teams in search of leagues that resist more than 20 years for those from Liverpool and more than 16 for the red and white.

6- Brasil: destroyed Spain with a physical game and on the counterattack in the final of the Confederations Cup. It was a warning of how difficult it will be to defeat the locals in the next World Cup.. They don't have the stars of yesteryear, but in exchange they have a tough block with a lot of practicality.

5- Rafa Benítez: spectacular, the man from Madrid who once again raised a European tournament with Chelsea winning the Europa League. And if that was not enough, change of scene and renewed a Naples team that under his leadership is now fighting to win the Scudetto.

Benitez ganó otro título europeo con el Chelsea.
Benitez won another European title with Chelsea.

4- Messi It is not approved in this 2013. Framework 45 goals in the course, won the League but left many doubts, in recent months. Injuries followed him, also the problems with the Treasury. His attitude on the field of play was somewhat lazy and 2014 It should serve to see which Messi we find, whether the usual one or the one of recent times.

3- The debts of Spanish teams: The crisis punished many First and Second teams. Valencia was the most famous case but there were many teams that lost the category and even others that disappeared, Salamanca case.

2- the amaños. Betting became a scourge for football teams. In practically, almost everyone was suspicious about arrangements in exchange for money. Something very difficult to pursue.

1- economic inequalities. Money has run out for many and the difference in budgets makes domestic competitions abysmal.. Real Madrid and Barcelona compete alone in Spain, Bayern in Germany, Juve in Italy.

0- Violence in stadiums. The last day of the Brasilerao left us images that we would never want to see on a soccer field. It was in Brazil, but it is something that spreads widely throughout South America and not so much in Europe.

La violencia en los estadios es cada vez mayor en Sudamérica.
Violence in stadiums is increasing in South America.

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