Magic number 7 at Manchester United

La magia del número 7 en el Manchester United

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The number 7 Manchester United has a special magic. The box Old Trafford is one of the greats of world football. The box Manchester, He is one of the most successful in English football, especially after the arrival of Alex Ferguson the late 80. Since then, los “Red Devils”, They have commanded with authority in the islands and one time or another in Europe.

The best number 7 of Manchester United in its history

With a stadium like Old Trafford also known as “The theatre of Dreams”, there is a ridge that has a lot of magic in the red shirt United, the number 7. A number with tradition, hearth and have dressed some of the most emblematic players in the history of English club but, Which footballers have been the best players to have worn that number for United?? As well as scathing comments you talk about these 5.

  1. George Best: a peculiar type on and off the field. One of a kind in the green and a wayward guy with a life full of women, alcohol and parties outside it. He wore the 7 in the United zamarra for years when the numbers still were far from fixed. George Best was called the fifth beatle. A man with a different life.
  2. Bryan Robson: played between 1981 y 1994 in it Manchester United where was the captain. Ferguson was the extension of the field and as, Besides carrying the weight of his team, he 7 on his back. Another legendary players in the history of club Old Trafford.
  3. Eric Cantona: Interestingly over from number 7 and the dorsal and fixed it took another mythical United, possibly one of the 5 best players in its history the legendary Eric Cantona. The French left goals of all colors and plays wonderful. Neither his character nor his strong cable crossovers like when He gave a flying kick at a spectator who was in the stands, they removed one iota of glory.
  4. David Beckham: if Cantona supplied Robson, Beckham did with French. English, one of the most outstanding British athletes in its history and a global icon, He carried the 7 del Manchester United for years where he scored goals of all kinds, especially of lack until he signed for Real Madrid.
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo: the Portuguese arrived precisely when Beckham he went to Real Madrid. Being a kid barely 17-18 years, few thought he was going to become the global phenomenon that became beating Beckham on the field and making it a tough competition to commercial level outside it. A legend who has played in 2 different stages at United.
    El número 7 del United
    Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United 12 years after leaving the club. PHOTO: Manchester United

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