The growth of MLS, a league in full evolution

The growth of MLS, a league in full evolution
MLS continues to expand. PHOTO: Adidas

MLS continues to rise, with several renowned figures, new equipment and a very interesting format. Here, in detail the characteristics of a tournament that is becoming increasingly important and plans to be at the level of the major European leagues. further, we analyze the candidates this season.

The United States aims to make MLS one of the most coveted leagues in the short to medium term, betting on a sport that never had the weight or popularity of basketball, baseball or football.

In this sense, after many years in which soccer did not achieve a great impact in the United States nor could it be a massive cultural and social phenomenon as in other corners of the world, today reality seems to be changing.

It is true that the kickoff for soccer development in the country was the organization of the World Cup 1994, but the tournament, which had its first edition in 1996, only in recent years has it evolved, with a decision by the authorities to make it more competitive and professional.

Likewise, in the last time several prestigious figures arrived, as in the case of Rooney, Pirlo, Stoichkov, David Beckham, Villa, Keane, Ibrahimovic, Henry, Gerrard, Drogba, Lampard or Kaka, who contributed with their great hierarchy and technical capacity.

Some of them, as David Beckham (already retired from football), they remain part of the league in an important way: in fact, the Englishman founded Inter Miami in 2018, team that has already had its second consecutive season in MLS.

The United States league had its first edition with just 10 teams (The Angels

Galaxy, D.C. United, Chicago Fire, Columbus Crew, FC Dallas, Colorado Rapids, San Jose Earthquakes, New York Red Bulls, Kansas City y New England Revolution), which later increased substantially: so much so that today there are 27 teams, which shows the constant progress of a tournament that is in full growth.

The rest of the 17 teams, many of them founded a short time ago, are the following: el Atlanta United, Cincinnati, Nashville, Houston Dynamo FC, Philadelphia Union, Seattle Sounders, Minnesota United, Portland Timbers, Inter Miami, Austin FC, New York City, Montreal Football Club, Toronto FC, Real Salt Lake, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Orlando City and Los Angeles Football Club.

Some of the newer teams were champions in recent years, like Atlanta United (2018), that could be imposed regardless of his lack of experience.

Candidates this season

El Seattle Sounders (finalist in 4 the last 5 tournaments), is one of the main favorites to achieve the title, with a very outstanding level in general lines. In fact, is the leader of the Western Conference, achieving a significant amount of triumphs.

On the other hand, the Columbus Crew, current champion, is another candidate, but its present is not the best: occupies the ninth position, far from the top. Anyway, Porter's cast remains with chances of entering the playoffs qualifying zone, knowing that you can regain your level at any time.

At the same time, el New England Revolution (pointer of the Eastern Conference) y el Sporting Kansas City (located in the second position) they can be championship cheerleaders and fight for the title.

further, you always have to take into account important teams in the history of the tournament (as Los Angeles Galaxy, el DC United, el Houston Dynamo o el San Jose Earthquakes), although they do not have a good time and have not consecrated for a long time.

Apparently, the league is very interesting to predict a winner, although first you have to see how each day unfolds.

To all this, sports betting houses give their verdict on each date with their odds, which are diagrammed according to the actuality, the timing and background of each team.

Likewise, the SportyTrader website makes a comparison of the best odds on the football bets available, where you can find the detailed odds of each MLS game.

For the moment, there is still a long way to go and the champion will only be known in December.

The truth is that the tournament, increasingly attractive, continues to generate new followers and fans, with matches full of goals and emotions.

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