Ray Wilkins: “Sevilla probably would be among the 6 Premier League last”

Ray Wilkins: “Probablemente el Sevilla estaría entre los 6 últimos de la Premier League”
Ray Wilkins (Photo: Daily Mirror)

Last update 14 March, 2018 by Javi Argudo

When the hype paired Manchester United with Sevilla FC in the knockout stages of the Champions League, Many rubbed their hands at Old Trafford. In fact, some former players like Ray Wilkins England team were a little further and passed braking: “Sevilla do not see a rival to stand in the way of United in the Champions. If he played in the Premier, el Sevilla, probably, would be among 6 last”.

Another illustrious player of the 'Red Devils’ as Paul Scholes, It was also quite emphatic when analyzing the rival of his former team: “Sevilla is a very poor team, no tiene gol. United have to win this game”. Definitely, Yesterday's victory set the hispalense in 'The Theater of Dreams’ tastes better if possible. The set of Vincenzo Montella made a real great game and showed he can eliminate anyone in this Champions.

Perhaps the words of two living legends of Manchester United were very bold, even more if we consider that Sevilla has been able to win 5 Sometimes the Europa League 10 years which leaves very clearly is one of the teams with better numbers in European competitions in recent times.

The he is saying that who laughs last, laughs best. At the moment, Sevilla fans can be very proud because, far from being one of the 6 worst teams in the Premier as Wilkins said a few weeks ago, It is between 8 best in Europe and it is an irrefutable fact.

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