Manchester United caught a plane for a flight of 10 minutes

El Manchester United cogió un avión para un vuelo de 10 minutos
Cristiano Ronaldo in the defeat against Leicester in the game of the 'flight of the 10 minutes' PHOTO: AS

Last update 17 October, 2021 by Alberto Llopis

Manchester United caught a plane for a flight of 10 minutes. Exactly to go through the 160 km separating Manchester from Leicester. In full expansion of the speeches on environmentalism and climate change where it seems that you have killed someone due to pollution by taking your old car to work because you don't have another, United footballers used a few gallons of fuel to make a journey so short it lasted less than a break from a football game.

The United plane for the flight of 10 minutes causes controversy

How could it be otherwise, This circumstance did not cease to cause controversy in the United Kingdom and the flight of 10 minutes from Manchester United was openly criticized. The excuse that those responsible for ‘The Red Devils‘ it was not convincing either.

The box Old Trafford He defended himself against the criticism of having used this means of transport so expensive in all respects to make such an extremely short journey and explained that they traveled like this for “operational circumstances”, since the highway that connects both cities registered withholdings for an accident.

The flight of 10 minutes did not help them win

Despite the comforts of air travel in less than a quarter of an hour, United were defeated by 4 goals to 2 at the Leicester City house.

United cogió un avión para 10 minutos
Despite the flight of the 10 minutes, United lost 4-2 against Leicester. PHOTO: As

Definitely, the plane stops 10 United commute minutes, it's one of those things modern football how little do lovers of classic football like.

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