Newcastle-Tottenham stops after a fan suffers a cardiac arrest

Newcastle-Tottenham stops after a fan suffers a cardiac arrest
The medical assistants had to go with a defibrillator from the field to save a fan in the stands of St James Park. PHOTO: Brand
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The Newcastle-Tottenham of the journey 8 had to be stopped for a few minutes after suffering cardiac arrest one of the fans that populated the stands of St James Park. The match referee decided to send the players to the changing rooms while the medical assistants treated and took away the fan who had suffered the mishap.

Scare at Newcastle-Tottenham

The Spanish footballer, Sergio Reguilon He was the one who warned the referee of the meeting that a fan was having serious health problems. Given this, It was decided to stop the meeting to facilitate the work of the health workers who were treating a man who had suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest.

Fan suffers cardiac arrest at Newcastle-Tottenham
Reguilón notified the referee that a fan had suffered a cardiac arrest in the stands. PHOTO: Brand

Later, it was the Premier League itself that issued a tweet in which it stated that the match had stopped to attend to a fan due to a medical problem.. According ‘The Sun‘ the fan was treated with a defibrillator from one of the medical corps after the footballer was running Eric Dier to ask for it.

Some 15 minutes after the players went to the locker room, They returned to warm up and continue with the meeting but the important thing was that the fan was stabilized and transferred to a hospital for follow-up.

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