What is the UEFA Conference League? Get to know the new European tournament

¿Qué es la UEFA Conference League? Conoce el nuevo torneo europeo
What is the UEFA Conference League? Meet the third European football competition

Last update 15 March, 2021 por Alberto Llopis

What is UEFA Conference League? Many will wonder what competition is this that will be launched next season. We tell you what it consists of, which teams are the ones that will access, the calendar and the prizes in which it will be, the third UEFA competition in true style European football competitions from before where there were three competitions.

What is the UEFA Conference League and which teams are going to play it?

The idea for this UEFA competition came from 2018. Its original name did not have much hook since it was going to be called the Europa League 2 but finally it was decided to call her UEFA Conference League. This European competition, it will be the third European competition behind the well-known Champions y Europa League.

In this new competition they will be 184 teams that will start it, including one of each of the 55 UEFA member associations and 46 from the previous Champions League and Europa League. Of these 184 equipment, solo 32 They will be part of the final group stage after playing different qualifiers.

For example the teams of the major leagues like the Spanish, la italiana, the Premier or Bundesliga will have a place reserved but will have to play the qualifiers from the beginning to win a place in the group stage of 32. For example in the Spanish League the sixth would play the UEFA Conference League unless the Cup champion was a team already qualified for the Champions League or the Europa League. In this case the sixth would play the Europa League and the seventh, la UEFA Conference League.

When will it be played and what prizes will it have??

The matches will be played on Thursdays in parallel to those of the Europa League in the same two time slots as the other competition: 18:45 y 21:00 hours. For his part and remembering the old Intertoto, victory in the Conference League will award the winner a direct place in the group stage of the following Europa League.

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