Best Olympic football teams in history

Best Olympic football teams in history
Nigeria won by surprise gold at the Atlanta Olympics 1996. PHOTO: FIFA

What have been the best Olympic teams in football history? Most won Olympic gold, but some inexplicably failed in their attempt having genuine great team. All with various nuances that should be taken into account:

– the first three editions were disputed by clubs (1896, 1900 Y 1904)

– of 1908 a 1948 the absolute national teams played even 1930 It was considered the true world countries because there was no actual World Cup.

– of 1952 a 1988 were amateur teams with the aim of not detracting from the popularity of the Soccer World Cup.

– From 1992 Professional teams but made allowed for under 23 years and a maximum of three sub-23.

Let's proceed to discover the best Olympic teams in the history of football

Brazil 2016: tI had to arrive this year so that Brazil, dominator of the soccer world cup, managed to win his first gold medal in an Olympic Games. He also did it at home, in Maracana and took the thorn out of the other 3 endings that he had lost during his history. A team in which there were players like Gabriel Jesús, Marquinhos, Rafinha Alcantara (whose brother Tiago is international with Spain) and Neymar. Almost nothing.

best olympic teams in football history
Brazil was proclaimed the gold medal of the Olympic Games 2016 in Marcaná. PHOTO: ElUniverso

Brazil 1996: Games of Atlanta accounted for first win of an African team at the Olympics. But it was not for lack of rivals, for if one checks the list of players who had frightened Brazil. Dida, Juninho, Rivaldo, Bebeto, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo (Ronaldinho named), Savio, etc…all of them led by Mario Zagallo they were unable to win the title that if they would achieve 20 years later, in 2016.

Of course front, Nor was a choice that I was wrong. Amunike, Okocha, Kanu or Babayaro had at such an early age a physique superior to any Olympic and youth team of that time.

Argentina 1996: Carlos Gustavo Bossio, Pablo Cavallero, Javier Zanetti, Pablo Paz, Roberto Ayala, José Chamot, Roberto Néstor Sensini, Mauricio Pineda, Ariel Ortega, Hugo Morales, Christian Bassedas, Matias Almeyda, Marcelo Gallardo, Gustavo Lopez, Marcelo Delgado, Hernan Crespo and Claudio López formed a template that ride in the tournament until he fell Nigeria final.

The lice, Sensini, Ayala, Burrito Crespo and were the spearhead of a selection that can hardly be repeated in the history of football and played a football full of talent and magic. the win is still remembered 3-0 to the Spain of Raúl and Ivan de la Peña.

Spain 1992: the Spanish team won its only Olympic gold at home to Poland with a goal of Kiko in the last minutes. Of course the gaditano was not the only star. There were many more. Toni Canizares and put safety under the sticks, Ferrer, Abelardo including containment, Guardiola football and Alfonso and said Kiko goal. The fight was in charge of Luis Enrique and Juanma López. Definitely, equipazo.

best olympic teams in football history
Spain was proclaimed champion of the Olympic Games 1992 in Camp Nou. PHOTO: FC Barcelona

Spain 2000- Sidney everything was set for Spain reaching up with his second Olympic gold. With 2-0 and penalty in the early stages, nothing presaged Cameroon Eto'o and company eventually turning over the game and won it on penalties. It was not Casillas, but still Xavi, Puyol, Angle, Marchena…They are forming a template of the maximum peak.

Spain 1996: They played no gold or silver or any medal for goleados fell in emphatic fashion by Argentina 0-3 in the quarterfinals of the best Olympic football tournament history. But they were Raul, De la Peña, Mendieta, Oscar, Roger, ALKORTA, New house, etc…

best olympic teams in football history
Spain took a great team to Atlanta 96. PHOTO: Brand

Argentina 2008: were champions because this time the best team behaved as such. It was in Beijing and is easy to be clear if there are the likes of Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano, Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Riquelme and thus a large number of known faces.

Hungary 1952: who writes for the best Olympic team ever. There were names and an attacker seal huge that not only winning but sweeping rivals with four very hungry attackers goal. They were the advance party of the “team gold” and an indelible mark marked. They put them 6 to Sweden in the semis, 7 Turkey quartered, 3 Italy in the second round and two to Yugoslavia in the final. There could be many more because there were names like Puskas, Czibor, Kocsis speak for themselves.

Spain 1920: the birth of fury. It was not a quality team but left a unique way of doing things, genuine, special. Claw, courage, force, my squad that shot them saying the great Belauste. They were also Zamora, Eizaguirre, Pichichi, a unique generation that got beat Denmark in their first game and only defeat Belgium sleep deprived them out champions.

The birth of Fury came in Antwerp.
The birth of Fury came in Antwerp.
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