that fateful 6 de febrero de 1958: Munich tragedy almost destroyed the Manchester United

Aquel fatídico 6 de febrero de 1958: La tragedia de Múnich casi acaba con el Manchester United
So was the plane carrying Manchester United in 1958.

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The tragedy of the Chapecoense 28 de noviembre de 2016 when he went to Medellin to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana, where they died 71 people in a plane crash, He recalled other great tragedies experienced by football teams in accidents while traveling for a game. Undoubtedly one of the best known was the one that occurred 6 de febrero de 1958 when another air tragedy, He was about to end Manchester United.

El Manchester United regresaba un 6 de febrero de 1958 happy to have sealed his city after Belgrade against Red Star the semifinals of the European Cup in which he played measured at AC Milan. As in Superga, where he died that “Great Turin” , what should be a flight without further, It became a nightmare. A stop in Munich to refuel at fault.

Then captain of the flight, James Thain, He made two attempts to take off but was forced to withdraw due to various problems suffered by engines. The weather that day did not accompany since the wind was important and the track was freezing. On the third attempt, a las 3:04 pm, the plane failed to gain adequate height and crashed into a land adjacent to the airport, in a house without inhabitants.

jugadores del united muertos
These were the Manchester United players who fell that 6 de febrero de 1958.

Although the initial investigations indicated the pilot as responsible for the accident, Later it was learned that the accident had been caused by the formation of slush at the end of the track, which caused deceleration on the plane, thus preventing him back up to a safe speed flight.

The balance was shuddering. They died 23 de las 44 persons on the aircraft including eight players in the England team. In return, They survived illustrious as coach Matt Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton, characters you would turn the resurrection of a club that ten years later proclaimed champion of Europe for the first time in a nice tribute to this terrible accident deaths.

Old Trafford this watch indicates the time and day of the air crash 58.

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