The record for penalties in a League match

El récord de penaltis en un partido de la Liga
Japan Sevilla went down in history for being the referee who has called the most penalties in a Spanish League match. PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

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Real Oviedo-Real Valladolid Season 1995/96 It was the party with the most penalties in the history of the Spanish League, possibly the craziest. You just have to take a look at the result, 3-8 to know that that afternoon football in viejo Carlos Tartiere of Oviedo, at least, They had a good.

The record for penalties in a League match occurred in the season 1995-96

It was the penultimate round of the season 1995/96, the first of several that were played with 22 theme teams Celta de Vigo and Sevilla in the summer of 95. Real Valladolid, Oviedo risking came to stay, although at that time still a promotion relegation against the third and fourth-placed Second gambled. Oviedo meanwhile, no longer he is playing anything, as it had already secured their stay quietly made a few days.

It was a match in which both teams scored goals helped by a referee, Japan Sevilla, one of the most trouble rode during his career and that what you see, that afternoon wanted to join the party. Whistle 6 penalty shootout beating a record and expelled 2 Oviedo players.

La crónica de la época sobre el partido.
The chronicle of the time about the game. PHOTO: Brand

To give you an idea, the game in the first half ended with a score of 2 a 1, and three goals, penalty had been. Thomas Christensen, the Spanish-Danish debuting the Spanish team without having done in First , marked the 2 first goals of Oviedo, penalty. The second part was to complete a hat trick and shootout. Peternac striker Valladolid, what did it mark 5 goals that afternoon, four of them scored from the penalty spot.

Four players were handed goals in the game with more penalties in the history of Spanish Liga

Al final, 11 goals in total, 6 of them from the penalty spot with 2 in favor of Oviedo and 4 in favor of Valladolid 4 players who were handed the 11 goals between them. Peternac scored 5 Like we have already said, Mommy Quevedo, a classic, those 3 thus completing the 8 from Valladolid. Christensen scored 2 and the legendary Carlos Muñoz joined the party with his goal, thus closing the 3 Goals from that day carbayones. A real football party ended twinning both hobbies.

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