Brian Clough, a genius who knew it was

Brian Clough, a genius who knew it was

Brian Clough is considered by all the British fans as the best coach in the history of England. Able to make miracles impossible, his exploits with Derby County and Nottingham Forest will be remembered forever. Arrogant, acid and daring, Clough's image was one of the most common faces on the front pages of sports dailies during the 70 and 80's.

The legendary Roy Keane says "Brian Clough was the best coach who has" has caused a stir in the British press, especially considering that the Irish player was twelve seasons under the orders of the most successful coach in the history of the Premier, Sir Alex Ferguson. Definitely a compliment that many share and that Clough has made some heroic deeds today would be almost impossible.

Brian Clough Middelsbrough a nation 21 March 1935. Humble and numerous family, Brian was the sixth of nine children. His father was a fan of the city team, el Middelsbrough CF, better known as Boro, currently coached by Aitor Karanka. His father's hobby was inherited by their children, While Clough became the team forward 16 years. By then, Brian worked as a messenger and in his spare time playing football. At that moment, That was when he decided to get tested to play in the team of his life. His decision could not be more successful, Clough scored 204 goals in 222 parties with Middelsbrough that militated in First Division (equivalent to the 2nd Division in Spain). His great performances led him to sign for Sunderland 1961. With Sunderland managed to beat all records scorers with 61 goals in 54 matches, more than one goal per game average. That was where was seriously injured and spent nearly two seasons in white. Although he returned in season 64-65 not again the same and ended up hanging boots. No one expected all that would lie ahead of Clough.

Brian Clough was top scorer before coach.
Brian Clough was top scorer before coach.

In 1965 He began his career as a coach, Hartlepool United in the modest fourth division. After two good seasons signed for Derby County, then in the second tier of English football and winning promotion in his first season. It was at this club where he grew the legend achieving the national title in 1972, the first in the history of modest club.

Clough was coach fashionable, hence his passion for attacking football, as for his statements. “To get the three points would shoot my grandmother” O “If God had wanted that football was played in the clouds, I would not have put grass on the floor” were some of his most famous statements. Although his language also played him tricks. His rivalry with Ron Devie, Leeds United coach, She led him to align holders in a match Premier prior to a European Cup semi-final against Juventus in 1973. Casualties and the accumulated fatigue ended the elimination of Derby in the best European club competition the moment. His statements after the match in which he accused the Italians of "cheating scam artists" were a disagreement with the policy that shortly after the Derby, and after several run-ins more, Clough and his companion, Pete Taylor, resigned, despite opposition from the staff and fans.

After his departure from Derby County signed for Brighton & Hove Albion, It was a step back in his career. After one season in the Third Division was signed by the one who had been his great rival in the Premier, el Leeds United. Progress Devie as England manager Ron opened the door the moment the best team in England and Europe. His move to Leeds led to a confrontation with his inseparable Pete Taylor was the man who was responsible for signing players who did not accompany him on his adventure. Already in Leeds, On arrival could not be more controversial, making enemies since its launch with their statements. “AFAIK, you can throw away the trophies won, because you won them cheating”. On a computer that had just crowned champions, these words did not sit at all well. Neither was able to take the standards team; “God has not given you six blocks to key the leg of an opponent”, he snapped Jhonny Giles, one of the captains, some fame hard.

Duro only 44 days when Leeds did not win a single match because the players they did as they say in Spain, bed. The date of termination, news conference, He left another phrase to remember. When he asked by a reporter about his feelings, Clough, he said “It is a very sad day… for Leeds United”. These 44 days with whites gave to a bestseller, by David Peace and published in 2006, and even a movie, “The Damned United”.

Brian Clough y su alter ego en la película de "Tha damned United"
Brian Clough and his alter ego in the film “Tha Damned United”,

In January 1975 Clough ficha por el Nottingham Forest, team roamed the Second Division. In that first “midseason” He managed to save the furniture and, on the way, prepared to leave the next, which would mean the beginning of success. “I know that Rome was not built in a day, but I'm not me handle this job”, He said.
Hand of players like Martin O'Neill, then coach, among others, Aston Villa, Viv Anderson, the first player of color England, o John McGovern, the Reds won promotion to the Premier League. That year reached the Forest players like Archie Gemmill of, David Needham and veteran goalkeeper Peter Shilton the. In the first season in the Premier, league and cup champions were proclaimed.

In the season 78-79 Nottingham, which he had secured the services of Trevor Francis, the best time English, key player in achieving the European Cup and he scored in only goal of the final against Swedish Malmö. Clough and explained the final:”It was a great game, they were a boring team. In fact, Sweden is a boring nation. But we won”.

The following season, Nottingham Forest would repeat the feat. He went to Europe as champions, since the League had taken Liverpool, even though the Forests had not lost a game during the season. Nottingham won the Hamburg final at the Santiago Bernabeu. That same year, The team also was champion of the Super Cup, by beating Barcelona, and League Cup.

Clough en el NothingAM
Brian Clough hizo campeón al Nottingham Forest.

After three glorious years, the team went to the background, only two League Cups in the late 80's. Finally the 92/93 the team finished bottom of the Premier and Brian Clough resigns after 18 seasons, leaving the team where he had taken, but with an extensive track record. Because of his problems with alcohol leaves the dugout definitely. Alcoholism marked the last years of his life, liver cancer diagnosed in 2003 which ended in transplant and other cancer in the stomach 2004 They took the lives of more emblematic coach in the history of England. Referring to his alcoholism left this famous phrase in his autobiography entitled "Cloughie: Walking on wáter”:

"Walk on Water? I guess many people will be saying that instead of walking on it, I should have taken more in my drinks. They have every reason ". Currently compared to Jose Mourinho, its relationship with the press and his successful career, Brian Clough was idolized and hated in equal parts. Able to carry two teams the second highest. Able to be branded himself as the best by saying one of his most famous phrases: “I would not say I was the best coach, but it was at the top of that list”. Word of a genius who knew it was.

Brian Clough, a genius who knew it was.
Brian Clough, a genius who knew it was.

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