Modest clubs in Spanish football are in danger

Peligran los clubes modestos en el fútbol español
The new capacity requirements, gradas, grass and lighting that the RFEF imposes on the lower categories threaten modest clubs.

Last update 4 April, 2022 por Alberto Llopis

We are in the final stretch to find out the teams that will be promoted and those that will play the playoffs in the lower categories. Those who are going to go from the First Division to the Third RFEF. Pero, this season, taking that leap will not be like winning in the online slot machine much less.

Why do we say this?

It's not just us who do it, some experts agree that for some modest clubs, This step could even be harmful.

These statements are based on the reforms announced by the federation last year and that will come into effect starting with the season. 2022/2023.

And for the upcoming campaign the Royal Spanish Football Federation will expand the requirements for the teams participating in the first and second RFEF.

Pero, What are these requirements and how do they affect lower division teams??

Minimum capacity and perimeter stands

One of the first obstacles that the teams will encounter in the coming campaign is a requirement for capacity and stands..

En concreto, The requirement is to have a minimum capacity of 4 thousand spectators in all the fields of the divisions we mentioned above. Además, The entire stadium must have perimeter stands.

The first requirement must be met as soon as the season begins 2022/23. Sin embargo, The perimeter stands have a moratorium on compliance until 2023/24.

Although the federation text leaves a small advantage that clubs can cling to. And pray like this:

"In any case, Possible urban planning impediments or configuration of the available space will be taken into account.

On the other hand, There is also a new lighting requirement for clashes that take place at night. Stadiums must have a minimum of 600 luxes if the match is broadcast on television to guarantee a better spectacle.

But the new requirements don't stop there...

Natural grass in all stadiums

Para la próxima temporada, The RFEF requires that all clubs in the bronze category play on natural grass. Esto, Added to the minimum capacity and perimeter stands, it is an unaffordable expense for most teams..

We know that the 40 teams in this category play on artificial grass, and making that change represents a great economic challenge. Because it's not just the cost of changing the grass, but the maintenance that this implies.

But the federal document is clear:

"Have a natural grass playing field for all official matches with a moratorium until the 2022-2023 season"

So for the teams that are going to be promoted to the third category of Spanish football, they will encounter great difficulties. Except for a moratorium provided by the RFEF, everyone must meet the required requirements.

They try to negotiate

Recently the Club Association First RFEF, which was rejected by the entity directed by Luis Rubiales. Sin embargo, This organization will attempt a negotiation with the federation so that these requirements do not come into effect next season.

The objective is to have more time to obtain the resources and adapt the stadiums, both in stands, capacity and grass.

Because we must remember that many of the clubs in this category are in the red. Even, teams like El Sabadell, that do not have problems with the new regulations are in the red.

These new requirements have every intention of improving the lower categories and with it Spanish football in general.. Sin embargo, There are teams that will not be able to meet them in the short term.

Therefore, long negotiations are expected for the remainder of the course..

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