The Saudis Laliga “suck” of the city

Los saudíes de LaLiga “chupan” grada
The Saudis of LaLiga not only do not play but they do not go or called up. Fotomontaje: As

Last update 16 October, 2021 por Alberto Llopis

A month after the surprise move by Laliga of Thebes with some clubs, in which surprisingly they announced the signing of more than a dozen players Saudis, the reason for their arrival seems clear. Levante, Villarreal and Leganés teams were first who agreed to this 'story', while in Second Division teams entered the rag in the project were Valladolid, Numancia and Rayo Vallecano. Also they saturated in Segunda B clubs, as in the case of a subsidiary of Sporting Gijon.

Seething winter market, their few signings up many positive comments in the local fans. However he earned them to win many followers in Saudi RRSS, as in the case of Levante, which it was more hype who gave his signing, the so-called Christian / Saudi Messi, Fahad Al-Muwallad. But the reality is that none of them had played football outside Arabia before joining the Spanish league. And despite the paripé that had been followed by the various sporting addresses, reality sings. Neither he has been nor on the bench as a substitute.

If the Levante is perhaps the most bleeding. The club itself gave fanfare (a sporting situation that verges on drama) the arrival of this player with many messages in Arabic and brutal gain followers in this country in RRSS. Then reality and level are what they are and Fahad has reached even debut in First. Considered the Messi or Ronaldo Arabia, It was the most pull media had and every weekend stays outside a call (Levante played permanence) esos “followers” Levante won by the turn against him with constant insults to granota club and wishes of defeat. Mofas even when they occur. An effect that has become the opposite was sought.

Villarreal two took as being 'Petit Suisse', one for the subsidiary and one for the first team. But zilch. They have not been not invited. While in Europa League, Calleja, He decided to put on the list to Salem Al-Dawsari for the match against Lyon, finally she left him in the stands and was discarding the expedition. Leganes also announced the arrival of two players from Saudi Arabia, that like in the case of Villarreal would be one for the first team (Yahia Al-Kshehri) and one for second team (Marwan Othman). Asier Jankovic, pepinero coach acknowledged nor know or know anything about the Saudi player who brought him. As it was logical with these statements, He has sucked stand during the nearly first month in Spain.

The Second and Second B have also not played. Numancia only made his debut in a friendly against the Burgos official level but zilch. Certainly economical operation and marketing whose reality cruelly shown where you have to show, on the green field.

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