Do you know Keita Baldé?

¿Conoces  a Keita Baldé?

Last update 5 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Keita Baldé went to play in the lower categories of Lazio in Rome when he was only 16 years. However, was born in Spain. His parents, Senegalese, settled in the Girona area where in 1995 the forward was going to be born. Barça paid attention to him for their lower categories where they incorporated him due to his excellent conditions as a forward.

However, during a tournament with Barça's lower teams in Qatar in 2010, Keita Balde, played a practical joke on a fellow and the club, He put it aside for reasons of indiscipline and gave it to Cornellá. In its subsidiary and with just 16 years, frame 47 goals which caught the attention of great European clubs, Lazio among them, who took advantage of the footballer's situation to take him to Rome practically free in 2011.

Keita con la camiseta del Barcelona en sus categorías inferiores.
Keita with the Barcelona shirt in his lower categories.

In the season 2013/14, debuted with the Italian team in Serie A and in the Europa League scoring decisive goals and standing out at the top of the attack of the Roman team. So much, that it was said that the player wanted to play for the Spanish team and they had followed him to their lower categories. However, there was a curious case and it is that despite being born on Spanish soil and living the first 16 years of his life in Spain, the player did not have a Spanish passport.

His parents, They did not take the necessary steps when the player was born and despite being Spanish for all intents and purposes, He only had Senegalese nationality and had to solve a series of paperwork that took years until finally his Spanish nationality was recognized for all purposes. Very interesting player on the field and with many qualities within it but very different outside of it.

As we have already told, left Barcelona for making a joke too heavy on a teammate, an act of indiscipline that the culé club did not ignore. Some time ago, rammed and smashed his Lamborghini against a wall in Rome a car perhaps too powerful to be driven by a boy of 19 years with very little to say no driving experience. Apparently, he exceeded the speed limits considerably in an accident in which luckily he was unharmed.

We do not know if we will end up seeing him with the Spain shirt, it seems like, the player is crazy about this possibility and has already ignored the first siren calls from Senegal, the land of his parents. At the moment, his career in Italy is being metaphorical. Can you imagine a forward in Spain formed by Iñaki Williams from Athletic and Keita Baldé??, seems quite possible in the future. At the moment, as we say in these cases, we will remain vigilant.

keita 2
Keita celebrating a goal with Lazio.

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