Do you know Mike Havenaar?

¿Conoces a Mike Havenaar?
Mike Havenaar, the blonde japanese striker of almost 2 meters that has reached Córdoba. PHOTO: Brand

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Mike Havenaar He is a Japanese striker. Anyone seeing her surname or her physical appearance would think otherwise. They are 1,94 and Western features, more typical of a young European, They would never make you think that we are facing one of the best Japanese strikers. The matter has its history since Havenaar effectively, it's totally japanese. He was born in Hirosima in 1987.

Mike Havennar, the almost blonde japanese 2 meters high

His father, a dutch soccer player, He went to try his luck in the country of the rising sun where he met an athlete from heptathlon who was also champion of Japan. From the genes of these two elite athletes emerged Mike Havenaar. He made his debut as a professional footballer at 19 years in the Yokohama Marinos where he had arrived with his father who worked as goalkeeping coach in said club. He and his father were the first father and son to have played in the history of the Japanese league..

After the World Cup in South Africa 2010, He made his debut with the Japanese team where it was easy to recognize the young Havenaar given his tall height in contrast to the average Japanese player.. In his first starting game, scored two goals against Tajikistan. Before, had been summoned in the Japanese inferiors. In 2012 he went to Holland, the country of their origins to play in the ranks of the Vitesse.

Precisely from this Dutch team made the leap to the Spanish League in 2014 when the Cordoba, recently promoted he noticed him. With his debut at the Santiago Bernabéu on the first day of the season 2014/15, became the seventh Japanese player to play in the Spanish tournament. Mike Havenaar, the japanese giant.


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