Lalo and Hugo, Maradona Brothers

Lalo and Hugo, Maradona Brothers
The brothers Maradona in a friendly match played in Granada.

Everyone knows Diego Armando Maradona but, Do you know Lalo and Hugo?, Maradona are brothers and were soccer players. It must be difficult to call Maradona and want to pursue a career in sport where your brother has been one of the biggest, but most.

That should think the two younger brothers of eternal tens of Argentina. more Y Hugo Maradona, the two little brothers Diego, They wanted to follow the footsteps of his older brother and carve out a career in football, although his was much more modest.

The brothers Maradona failed to meet expectations.
The brothers Maradona failed to meet expectations.

Lalo Maradona promised but it was a fiasco

Raul Maradona, better known as lalo Maradona, born in 1966 and debuted in Boca after being summoned by the Sub'18 of Argentina, the first and only time the Albiceleste shirt was put. Debuted coinciding with the explosion of Diego, six years older than him, so the expectations around your figure overflowed. To make matters worse, I was left-handed like his older brother but the quality of both was far.

The truth is that despite debuting in Boca, only he played three games there. Then he went to try their luck in Spain where it was signed with the Granada. In the Andalusian club he did not stand out too much and at the end of season. He then completed a mediocre race Japan, under clubs Argentina, Venezuela Y Glen, where he simply walked surname Maradona.

hermanos de Maradona
lalo Maradona He tried it on TV with the same fortune on grass.

In 2005, Lalo returned to using the name Maradona but this time to participate in the Spanish Grand VIP Brother, where some “famosillos”, best known for being family or famous for making some dubious act of being praised, They gathered in a house. There, it was known that was going through a horrible time and I was depressed. Certainly it would have been better off doing something else. His son and nephew of Fluff, Diego Maradona Hernan, even he came close Alzira sign for the Spanish Third Division.

Hugo Maradona also triumphed in football

A Hugo, the younger brother fared better than more, but also he failed to excel in the world of football. Born in 1969, He debuted in 1986, the year of the consecration of the world Fluff. He did it with Argentinos Juniors in the same year as his brother more, but three years younger.

Its beginning was promising and played several games in the league and Argentina Liberators cup, which he earned him to go to Napoli with his brother Diego under the distinction of being new Maradona, Obviously it was not. In Naples He not managed to play so he went to Ascoli Italian where He came to face his brother in a Serie A.

Maradona brothers
Diego Maradona and Hugo agreed Serie A.

It seemed that his career would be at least decent but soon started to go wrong. After passing through Italy, he went to try to Spain as his two brothers, specifically to Vallecano Ray, where he spent more pain than glory. His career was going down and went to Japan, where his name sold, even if a replica bad. He went through several South American teams and then became coach.

He played much more professionally than his brother Lalo, but as he, his name will detracted over the account. At least Hugo, He not decided to go on a cheesy reality, At least for now. The brothers Maradona, a great example of the weight of a surname.

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