Ten things you should know in Cyprus and Cypriot football

Ten things you should know in Cyprus and Cypriot football

Cyprus is one of the most unknown countries in Europe. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, but nevertheless, in recent years he has taken a step forward both socially and athletically increasingly allowing progress in the world of football. Ten notes go over what it means to Cyprus and play football there:

1- Cyprus is an island located 480 km east of Greece , a 415 km north of Egypt, 130 km west of Syria, Y 94 km south of Turkey. It is halfway Africa, Europe and Asia but has always been considered more European than Asian or African. Is composed of 1.126.000 inhabitants and from one end to another there is only 97 kilometers.

2- Cyprus is famous for its mild climate (more of 35 degrees in summer) and its division. Two thirds of the country are Greek Cypriots or from Greece. A remaining third is Turkish Cypriot and indeed, Turkey recognizes the north Northern Cyprus. To make matters worse, there are the sovereign enclaves of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, belonging to UK.

3- Nevertheless, Cyprus is a member of the European Union and its economy is based on agriculture and the service sector. Its beaches and tourist exploitation is not in line with its beauty, as it happens to Malta. Partly, by the continuing problems between Greeks and Turks for control of the island.

4-Due to its geographical location, Cyprus is the country with the highest rate of light, ahead of Malta and Spain. Every person entitled to her pay 0,1731 euros per kilowatt hour.

5- Nicosia is the capital.It has a metropolitan area 200.000 inhabitants and a medieval wall built by Venetians who can divide the city into two. In fact, Today, It is the only city in the world that serves as two countries, it is also the capital of Northern Cyprus.

In the middle of a wall that divides Nicosia Greek Cypriot part of the stands.
In the middle of a wall that divides Nicosia Greek Cypriot part of the stands.

6- Football in Cyprus is increasingly important. The national team has never played a World Cup or a European Championship but in recent times has won Iceland and tied with Serbia. Not to mention that 2006, He defeated Spain in a match that eventually became the end of Javier Clemente.

7- Having such a division of the country, it should be noted that Northern Cyprus is one of the most successful teams not affiliated to FIFA, since it is the reigning champion of the Elf Cup and the FIFI Wild Cup. His first game played so how could it be otherwise, against Turkey.

8- Cypriot league is made up 14 teams playing a regular league 26 meetings. The top four reach finals. The last two demoting. The champion accesses a preliminary stage of the Champions.

9- There are three top teams: APOEL, which it is the group more times has won the league with 22 Titles, The Omonia Nicosia has been done with 20 titles and Anorthosis with 13. APOEL stepped two seasons ago the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Real Madrid. It was the best result ever by a Cypriot team in Europe.

10- By the Cypriot league they have passed in recent years the popularity of Savio characters, Estebán Solari, Dellas and Michelangelo Lotina. This is a league booming. The largest stadium is the GSP Nicosia. At, play several local clubs APOEL Nicosia as, AC Omonia and Olympiakos Nicosia, in addition to the football team Cyprus.

Nicosia's GSP is the largest stadium in Cyprus.
Nicosia's GSP is the largest stadium in Cyprus.

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