Do you know Yuri de Souza?

¿Conoces a Yuri de Souza?

Last update 6 April, 2024 por Alberto Llopis

For Liga Adelante fans, Spanish Second Division, Yuri de Souza is no stranger yet, for the general public, your name may sound totally strange. This player with dual Portuguese and Brazilian nationality, plays in a Ponferradina that is surprising locals and strangers although he, it's no surprise. Without going any further, he was named best American player in the Liga Adelante 2013/14.

Nacido en 1982 in Brazil, Yuri, He is the brother of Igor de Souza who played for Levante in the 2009/10 and cousin of Charles, former Cordoba striker and Celta player. Curiously, all three played for the Galician team and Yuri, He has been in Spanish football for almost a decade, although curiously always in lower categories. Desde 2005 He has played in three teams in Second and Second B (Pontevedra, Las Palmas and Ponferradina).

Corpulent and with a lot of physical power, can play as a center forward, second striker and even as a winger, which makes him average a good number of goals every season. Sin embargo, despite his age, already in his thirties, his good data and his award as best player in the Liga Adelante, does not finish making that leap to the First Division. At the moment, He leads a surprising Ponferradina that is fighting a lot in the second tier of Spanish football. Who knows if we will see him among the greats. At the moment, we keep track of him.

Pese a ser uno de los destacados de Segunda, Yuri no termina de dar el salto.
Despite being one of the highlights of Second, Yuri doesn't finish making the jump.

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