Casillas, with broken finger, will be among 6 y 8 week low

Casillas, con fractura en un dedo, estará entre 6 y 8 semanas de baja

Last update 24 January, 2013 por Julio Muñoz

Iker Casillas suffers a fracture in his left hand as a result of the blow received last night in the Cup match at Mestalla. The goalkeeper and captain of Real Madrid will undergo surgery tomorrow, Friday and ,en principio, He will be out for six to eight weeks.

The injury was announced this Thursday morning by Real Madrid in an official statement, after the goalkeeper underwent a medical examination in Madrid in the early hours of the morning, upon the return of the Valencia team. The objective of the doctors and the club, who still believe in the miracle, is that the goalkeeper recovers for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Manchester United. Is the 13 de febrero, so in principle it does not fit into the deadlines. No obstante, At the club they hope that Iker will speed up the deadlines. The return at Old Trafford will be 5 de marzo, date by which Iker would be fully recovered.

If the estimated period of withdrawal is confirmed, Casillas would miss the League matches against Getafe (27 from January), Granada (2 de febrero), Sevilla (9 de febrero), Rayo Vallecano (17 de ebrero) and sports (24 de febrero), and his presence would be a doubt for the Clásico against Barcelona at the Bernabéu on the first weekend of March.

Además, Casillas would also miss the two Copa del Rey semi-final matches, que se disputarán el 30 January the first leg, y el 27 February the return.

“After carrying out the first radiological tests at the Sanitas La Moraleja Hospital, it is confirmed that the player Iker Casillas suffers a fracture at the base of the first metacarpal of his left hand. Throughout today you will be evaluated again by the specialist to decide the treatment to follow.”, the statement reads.

Iker Casillas had to retire injured in the minute 16 Valencia-Real Madrid back from the Copa del Rey quarterfinals. The international goalkeeper was treated for almost three minutes on the field, but with a visibly sore hand he chose to retire and leave his position to Adam.

As soon as you land in the capital of Spain, The Real Madrid goalkeeper went to La Moraleja Hospital to undergo diagnostic tests. Approximately at 02:35h entered the Sanitas facilities driving his own car. After being examined by doctors for just over half an hour, he left the center.. Casillas did not want to make any statements at the exit and limited himself to greeting the press kindly.. The bandage on his left hand was visible..

The player did speak after the game: “At the moment of the hit I realized. There is something that is not right. The doctor is optimistic, but in this type of injuries it is necessary to analyze in detail. There is something you don't like very much. I have no idea what I have. It just hurts and something sounds when I move my finger. It is in the index. I hope it's nothing. According to the doctor it is not dramatic, but you have to do the corresponding tests. I have felt quite strong pain, like something broke. The doctor is optimistic but in this type of finger injuries you can't know much either.. It hurts me. They will test me”.

It was an unfortunate attempt that originated from a corner taken by Valencia from the left.. Casillas failed at the start, The ball was dead and when the goalkeeper was about to pick it up, Arbeloa put his right leg, hit the leather and the hand. Casillas took off his glove immediately and, after being treated, decided he couldn't continue.

It was a situation similar to the one experienced recently, when it was Adan who left the field and Casillas who entered from the bench. It happened in the Real Madrid-Real Sociedad League match in a match in which the situation was different, since Adan was sent off after six minutes and Casillas retired injured. In Mestalla, Cristiano Ronaldo took the captain's armband of the Madrid team when Casillas left the field.

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