Roly and Iberdreams stand out in the sports fashion market

Roly and Iberdreams stand out in the sports fashion market
The Roly brand enjoys international prestige.

The brand Roly has been noticed for several years thanks to the quality, variety and originality of your clothing items. It is specialized in the sale of advertising t-shirts and technical and cotton sportswear.

Its international prestige, accompanied by perseverance and permanent effort to offer products of the highest quality, they have turned it into a benchmark throughout Spain, mainly through Iberdreams, brand wholesaler.

Roly It is quite known for its sportswear, kits, sweatshirts, Tshirts, tracksuits and other types of pieces. They are also leaders within what is known as advertising gift, promotional or merchandising, thanks to its constant innovation in its catalog of textiles and collections, and its ability to customize parts.

Own warehouses with guaranteed stock

One of the most powerful reasons why they enjoy such recognition in the market is because have their own warehouses with a significant stock which is always well stocked with its main garments, such as sweatshirts, jackets, polar and t-shirts, as well as work clothes, another of its specialized production lines. In its catalog it is possible to view the range of models, colors and textiles that offer, as well as they also have their own embroidery, Advantage to consider when it comes to customizing parts.

Its catalog and its quality

Roly has the ability to offer more than 200 models of their different garments between the summer and winter seasons. The use of special fabrics with their proper certification, make the brand stand out in this competitive market, with modern and avant-garde proposals.

Regarding the quality, of which we have already mentioned several components, it is necessary to add that it is the main aspect of commitment that motivates the brand to satisfy all demands, expectations and needs of your target audience. Among its priority processes to achieve such quality levels, they find each other: the confection, care in details and finishes, meticulous and studied selection of tissues, and the design of each piece in a particular way.

Be Roly wholesalers

To be wholesalers of the brand it is necessary to be professionals in the sector, have warehouses with stock, as well as promoting sales by unit or wholesale with special prices. The brand offers suitable rates for professionals in the field of specialized sports trade, work garments, serigraphy, digital printing, sublimation and embroidery; it is included, promote sales in sports clubs, as well as in companies promoting and coordinating large events, among other.

Iber-Dreams is the main wholesaler of the firm, de manera que guarantees speed of service and personalized attention. It is important to insist on this point related to wholesalers, puesto que the brand is sold directly to professionals in the sector and to specialized stores, which are in charge of selling the product to the end customer.

The importance of personalization of sports and work garments

The possibility of customizing clothing supposes get a totally exclusive piece, which will allow to stand out in any type of sports competition among the other participants.

For different types of companies and businesses, the possibility of offering your employees a uniform, it is also a great advantage for both parties. On the one hand, employees have no need to invest in clothing to carry out their daily jobs, and on the other, the business will be showing a much more organized and formal image, while you will take the opportunity to promote your brand through the embroidered logo stamp on t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts or any other garment.

Advertising gift: an advantage for your brand

Another option that Roly offers is the opportunity to create promotional gifts. Within its catalog there are incredible alternatives to give as gifts, and this way, be able to create a loyalty bond with potential and regular customers.

Both t-shirts and other types of products, are specially designed for this purpose, all you have to do is have the logo designed, and immediately you can get a totally exclusive product to give away.

This alternative is also ideal for organizing events, those who make up the organizing team will look much more professional, focused and formal if they all wear the same outfit with colors, the same styles and logos.

Why choose sports technical clothing

As technical sportswear is one of the star products of the Roly brand and has significant sales amounts among its main wholesaler Iberdreams, it is appropriate to point out the qualities and benefits of this type of garment for passionate users of sports practices.


  • They are versatile pieces: the variety in this type of garment is one of its best qualities, you can find different prices, colors, designs and textures, all suitable to be personalized, according to tastes and preferences.


  • Comfort is its hallmark: as they are pieces whose preparation aims at the comfort and performance of the athlete, It is necessary to emphasize that they are ideal garments for practicing all kinds of sports.


  • Perspiration control: the type of fabric of this clothing is very light, which means that the athlete does not feel fatigued at any time. Due to the same condition of lightness of the fabric, perspiration is better controlled, because it dries much faster.


  • For him and her: It is a type of clothing suitable for both men and women. It is true that previously its design was a bit limited, aiming more strongly at the male audience, but without a doubt, the market has evolved favorably for girls, who can get specially designed models to highlight their figure, it is included, to disguise or enhance parts of the body they are not very proud of.

Technical sportswear is the favorite of the running world, crossfit and aerobics, because it is a clothing that helps the athlete to register a better performance in general.

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