Joaquín drops that this may be his last year

Joaquín drops that this may be his last year
Joaquín hints that his time as a professional is running out at his 40 years. PHOTO: Real Betis

Talk about Joaquín Sánchez is to refer to an entire active legend of the Real Betis Balompié. The footballer of Santa Maria Port has made history with a green and white shirt that to this day continues to defend, although perhaps for a short time.

And is that, their 40 years, the man from Cádiz has resisted abandoning football and consummating a withdrawal that is getting closer every day, and more seeing the role that, moment, has been assigned in the Betis of Manuel Pellegrini.

In fact, has been his own Joaquin who has recognized the possibility of ‘hanging up the boots’ at the end of this season in an interview in El Pelotazo, Canal Sur Radio program, with the always sympathetic humor that characterizes him.

This is how Joaquín Sánchez responds when asked if this will be his last year:

“It has all the looks, because so far I am playing less than the substitute goalkeeper of Oliver and Benji… I do not want to be. I know my role is what it is, I have to know my role and see what I can contribute from another point of view, but as long as I know that I am one more and that I personally demand of myself to be important. If I see that my contribution is little or I go to the background, Well, I would say that I have arrived here. But to this day I keep demanding myself and I keep getting pissed off when I don't play, that's why I always try to train every day to have the maximum possible minutes, help the team and feel important. I am not happy with myself because I am not enjoying what I want to do, what is play”, pointed.

He was able to change of scene again recently

In said interview, Joaquin he also acknowledged that not long ago, when his renewal was being forged again with the Real Betis, Proposals arrived to leave the capital of Seville:

“Before renewing my first time, in my third year I did have. They were not concrete offers, yes scores, options to go outside. At that time, if I hadn't continued in the Betis, or if that third year of mine when it arrives Quique, that there is a big institutional change and in the team, maybe if I had had a choice. If I hadn't renewed, if I had considered making such a decision. But in the end I renew two more years, and I discard that option because with 38 O 39 where am i going”.

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